What to Include on a Party Invite


It seems like there are so many details to planning a birthday party, remembering to include everything in the invitation is one step that is crucial to making the day a success.

Thanks to our Free Personalization on invitations, it’s easy to design and include any information that you would like. Read on to see what all you need to include in your invites.

To ensure that you don’t miss a step, follow along on our helpful guide for what to include in your birthday party invitations. While it might seem basic to consider these simple steps, we hope that this can act as a checklist and reassurance that you’ve covered your bases.

State The Occasion

When you’re writing out your invitation, it can be easy to skip over this important detail because from your perspective, of course the party you’re planning is for your son or daughter. It’s such a simple step that many people forget to include it.

Just be sure to spell out what the party is for. In this example, we made the Zoo Fun Themed Invite totally on theme with the party by calling out "Zookeeper Jack" and putting the 6 in the pawprint so everyone would see that we were celebrating Jack’s sixth birthday.

Spell Out the Date and Time (Include the End Time)

Spelling out start and end times is crucial when planning a kids’ birthday party. Parents will want to know when to drop off their kids and exactly when they should be back to pick them up. Don’t make this a guessing game, simply decide how long you want the party to last and state it clearly.

On our Blue Winter ONEderland Invitations, we simply stated the date and added ‘1-4 PM’ this is great for parties of all kinds. While it’s especially important for parents to know when to pick their kids up, it also helps adults who might be attending the party to properly plan their day’s schedule.

In the long run, you’re sure to avoid a lot of individual phone calls from parents and curious party guests if you just choose to do this from the start.

Tell Where The Party Is

Adding the location is a key element in the invitation. Make sure it’s clear and concise…also make sure that the address works with most GPS devices. If GPS devices frequently have trouble finding your address, you may want to include some extra info, like "Take a right on Elm Street," or something else that makes the party easy to find.

In the case of this Kitty Cat Diva Invite, we included Queen Mary’s Tea Room as the location and included the address just in case people couldn’t find the venue when they searched it on their phones.

Give a Preview of the Party

Including a preview of what people can expect at the party not only helps to build up children’s excitement for the big day, but it eases parents worries and makes them feel like they’re in the loop. This is especially important if you’re going swimming or planning anything that would require party guests to bring along anything special.

For our Star Wars Galaxy Rebellion party, we personalized the Galaxy Invitation simply to include a line about the fact that dinner would be provided. This eases the awkward wondering for parents over whether or not their child should eat dinner before showing up to the party. This is also a great place to include a line like "Join us for food, fun and bowling!"

Options for what to include are vast, but they’re sure to create more excitement for the party, so don’t forget this step.

Include RSVP Information

This line is also important. Even if you don’t specifically need a headcount for the party, an RSVP line allows you to open two-way communication with parents. They will be able to contact you and let you know special notes about their children like allergies or if the parents plan to pick them up early.

If you want to relieve some pressure for RSVP’s, or they aren’t important to you, some parents choose to say RSVP’s…Regrets Only! This is a nice way to open communication and include contact information. Then, guests who can’t come to the party can politely let you know that way as well.

Our Gone Fishin’ Invite is an adorable example of a simple invitation with just enough information for parents to be prepared.

Plus! Free RSVP Tracker!

Wondering what to do with the information once you get it? Keep track of your guest’s response with this awesome Printable RSVP Tracker!

Extra Notes

Since many of our invites are personalized, it’s easy to include any information that you would like! Here’s an example of our Pink Provincial Princess Invitation that’s been personalized with all of our notes, plus we added a line about dressing up as a princess for the party!

Invitations are such a fun way to get ready for the party…what do you like to include on yours?