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Welcome Business Back!

Small and local business owners across the country are getting ready to open back up. They can’t wait to visit with their regulars again, share some positivity and bring smiles to their customer’s faces. For this reason, it is more important than ever to make welcoming back customers comfortable and enjoyable. Luckily, we have all the supplies you need for a grand reopening! Along with Welcome Back signage, here are 5 ways you can make welcoming back your customers a success. These steps will roll out a warm welcome and encourage them to come on in!

1. Let them know you are open with banners.

Hang a personalized banner in the window or above the door to let your customers know you are open. Because many businesses were mandated to close and others closed for the safety of their employees, making it clear to customers that you are open is super important. Banners also allow you to post hours of operation changes or policies that you may have put in place to keep your customers safe. Have a simple "Open for Business" message or include a friendly greeting like "We’ve Missed You! We Are Open for Business!".

2. Make it your grand opening exciting with balloons!

What doesn’t love a grand balloon display? Catch the eyes of drivers and potential customers with fun, colorful balloons. Balloons are a simple party supply yet make a huge statement. Decorate your entrance with a balloon arch or balloon columns. Choose from our huge selection of patterned and solid colored balloons to create balloon clusters that hang from the ceiling. Balloon garlands are a classic decoration and can be set up almost anywhere.

3. Send a warm welcome message to customers with yard signs.

Reach out to your customers before they even come into your business with yard signs. Choose from any of our personalized yard signs to craft your own warm welcome message. Shindigz offers a variety of their own sayings that spread positivity to post in front of your business from #KINDNESS to Welcome Back. Not to mention, this is another great way to let your customers know that you are open. Top off your yard sign display with a variety of fun and exciting yard sign icons.

4. Show thanks to customers for supporting your business with giant greeting cards.

Nothing will make a bigger statement than a giant greeting card! They come in 18, 24 and 36-inch sizes and can be displayed at the checkout or entrance of your business. Customize a giant greeting card to include photos and messages of thanks to customers for supporting your local business throughout this time. Have employees sign it and write uplifting messages to your customers and the community. If you are grateful for their support, let it be known!

5. Top off your welcome back, business reopening with MORE decorations!

Your business reopening does not have to stop here. Shindigz has plenty of decorations to show that we are in this together and open for business. Browse through hanging decorations, streamers, and garland to hang around your business while staying safe and cautious. /hanging-decorations/c/148