4 Wedding Party Favors Your Guests Will Cherish

It’s an all-too-common phenomenon at weddings: well-intentioned brides and grooms go to a lot of trouble to choose a favor as a thank you for their guests. The only problem? Without forethought, a lot of wedding favors and knick-knacks end up in the junk pile or trash – becoming a waste of money for the wedding couple and a source of guilt for the guest. Nobody wins. Avoid this situation when planning your wedding with a little help from the experts at Shindigz. Just check out this handy guide for 4 fabulous and budget-friendly wedding party favors that your guests will actually use, enjoy and cherish.

#1: Give Them Something They Can Sink Their Teeth In

It’s hard to go wrong with a wedding party favor that your guests can digest. Wedding Candy won’t likely last long, but will be valued while they’re full. In the same way, personalized water bottles may not last long, but your guests will appreciate the quick refreshment on the way home from your party.

#2: Grow a Gift

Small, easy-to-care-for potted plants are a nice gesture that guests will actually continue to use, even after they get home from the wedding. Choose low-maintenance succulents or fragrant herbs and let your guests think of you whenever they look at the little life your brought to their home.

#3: Give Them a Tool For Continued Sweetness

Something useful, like a set of love-themed measuring spoons will end up a useful part of your guests’ kitchens. Then, every time they go to cook, they’ll be reminded of the amazing time they had at your wedding. The same goes for custom bottle openers – they’ll think of you and be grateful every time they crack open a celebratory bottle.

#4: Give Their Feet a Break

Forget the idea that wedding favors have to be used exclusively after the wedding is over – give your guests something that they’ll actually find useful at the party, and they’ll be forever grateful. One inexpensive favor that will be a lifesaver to tired guests at your reception? Custom flip flops. Providing comfy, flat flip flops that guests can change into when their feet are sore from dancing too hard has the added bonus of ensuring that our guests will dance for longer, making your party the best it can be for everyone.