Virtual Party Planning Survey

We have been approached by party and event planners to provide a platform for virtual party planning services to consult and advise customers around the country and to expand their capacity and audience during these unique and challenging times.

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Would you be interested in providing virtual party and event planning services to customers across the country?
If not, why not?
If you were to provide virtual party planning services, please rank the ideal length of time for a typical consultation.
What would be the minimum hourly compensation you would require to participate?
Based on your experience, how much would a customer be willing to pay for a 15 minute consultation?
On a scale of 1-10, what do you believe the customer response would be to such a service?
What platform would you recommend using?
Other? Please list.
How many hours would you be willing to devote to such an opportunity?
Other comments/thoughts and suggestions?
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