VBS Activities: Exploration Norway

Churches around the nation are gearing up for Vacation Bible School. If you’ve ever been in charge of all or part planning a Vacation Bible School, then you know the difficulty in aligning all of the details so that the week is fun and meaningful for all the kids that attend.

In order to take the stress out of planning, we’re bringing you six fun, affordable, and easy crafts and activities to go along with our Exploration Norway kit. After you’ve transformed your church into a Nordic Paradise, these snow-themed crafts and activities will transport your children all the way to Norway, where they can get in snow ball fights and meet some friendly vikings.

#1: Snow Globes

To create this adorable snow globe, you will need Ball Jars, Metallic Gold Star Confetti, Assorted Zoo Animals, Exploration Personalized Stickers, hot glue and water.

Simply hot glue your animal of choice to the lid of the jar and add water and stars to the jar. Once your done, screw the lid on tight to ensure that nothing leaks out. For added quality, add a personalized sticker with your church name or the date.

With supervision, this craft would be ideal for children age 4-10.

#2:Snow Ball Fight

Who wouldn’t love to have a snow ball fight in July? This activity is simple. Purchase and fill white balloons with water and allow the children to have a water balloon fight. For added fun, make it a throwing contest by using a sheet or a catapult to see who can fling them the farthest with their group.

#3: Human Snowball Tag

If you’ve ever played blob tag or snake tag, then you’ll be an expert at snow ball tag.

Designate 1 person to the "it." If a child gets tagged, he or she must link arms with the tagger and help to get more people. As children get tagged, they will continually add to the chain, creating a "snowball effect" until every child has been tagged.

At the end of the day, you have one giant human snowball and a bunch of happy children.

#4: Tortilla Snowflakes

Tortilla Snowflakes are a fun and delicious treat. You can make it an activity and allow the children to help create their own unique snowflake or have volunteers make them and serve them as snacks.

To make these, you will need flour tortillas, vegetable oil (or similar), and cinnamon sugar.

  1. Cut the tortilla in the same way that you would make a paper snowflake (folding it in half and cutting small shapes).
  2. Heat a frying pan with oil in the bottom.
  3. Cook the tortilla for 5 seconds on each side (this should be done by adults!).
  4. Remove the tortilla and sprinkle with an ample amount of cinnamon sugar.

#5 Paper Plate Boats

These paper boats are a fun and simple craft for younger children. You will need Blue Paper Plates, Lollipop Sticks, construction paper, a stapler and tape.

  1. Start by cutting the paper plates in half (for young children, you may want to do this before they arrive)..
  2. Also cut about 1/2 an inch off the bottom of each half so there is a small flat part for the boat to stand up.
  3. Tape the lollipop stick halfway up the inside of one of the plate pieces.
  4. Staple both plate pieces together back to back.
  5. Cut a sail out of any paper of your choice and tape it to the lollipop stick.

#6: Winter Relay Race

For this event, you will need oven mitts and some different tasks for children to do. This could be things like opening a present, making a craft, doing a puzzle, or writing a word.

Simply set up an obstacle course and have children compete for fastest time in completing the activities. There’s a catch though — they must do every activity while wearing oven mitts!