VBS Activities: Cave Crusade

We just love summer time. Warm weather, outdoor barbecues, free time, all the kiddos out of school…what’s not to love? Well maybe finding ways to occupy your children all day every day is a stresser for some of us. That’s why we’re offering these five simple activities that are both fun and cost effective.

If you’re planning a Vacation Bible School, or really any large event for children, these ideas match perfectly with our Cave Crusade VBS Kit. Pair them with your lessons or just do them as a stand-alone activity that any child will love! Let’s dig-in and begin out spelunking adventure!

#1: Cave Creatures

Often, deep within caves, if there’s water present, you’ll find strange looking fish that have adapted to living so far underground. These funky looking fish are a perfect crafting opportunity for two reasons: (1) It’s a teaching moment. Teach kids about caves or turn it into an object lesson. (2) Because these fish are so funny looking, it gives kids a chance to be creative and person’s craft can be totally unique.

For this craft you will need: Green Balloons, Googly Eyes, construction paper, Feathers and tape.

  1. Start by blowing up enough balloons for each child to have one. Be careful not to over-inflate, as you don’t want the balloons to pop easily.
  2. If you’re working with younger children, you can pre-cut enough fins and lips for each child, or just allow older children to get creative with the shapes they use.
  3. Have children attach the eyes, fins, lips and feathers any way that the like. There’s no wrong way to do this step!

#2: Digging Expedition

Start kids on a mineral digging expedition! This is a craft that’s fun even after you’re done making it. Kids can play this quiet game on road trips or any time you need an activity to quiet busy hands and lips.

For this craft, you will need: A Clear Jar, Personalized Sticker, Craft Sand, and 10 random objects (like small animals, paper clips, change, beads, stones, etc.)

  1. Have students poor a layer of sand in the jar and add an item to the sand.
  2. Keep adding small layers and sand until all of the items are in the jar.
  3. Top off the sand and close the jar. Be sure to screw it on very tight so no sand falls out.
  4. Add the sticker, which can be personalized to say "find all 10 items," or list all of the treasures that are included in the jar.
  5. #3: Cave Tag

Allow children to imagine that they are in a dark cave. The rules for this are simple: find a dark room and give 1-3 children flashlights. Before you turn off the lights, send the flashlight children out of the room and instruct everyone else to hide. Once everyone is in place, turn the lights off and send the children with flashlights back into the room. Everyone should stand completely still and those with flashlights can scan the room with the flashlights. If they shine the light over someone they are out. Proceed to do this until everyone has been found.

#4: Cave Fish Snack

This works as an activity and a snack.

You will need: Plastic Fish , Jelly Bellies, blue gelatin, and gummy fish.

  1. Add jelly bellies to the bowl
  2. Prepare gelatin according to instuctions, but don’t refrigerate it yet. Poor gelatin into the bowl.
  3. Add fish, try to press them along the edges so that you can see them from the outside.
  4. Refrigerate according to instructions and serve once the gelatin is solid.

#5: Cave Explorer Head Lamp

Young children can pretend they are going deep underground into unexplored places with these fun headlamps.

For this activity you will need: Yellow Cups and Black Ribbons.

  1. Have an adult poke two holes in the bottom up the cup (pictured).
  2. Let children string the ribbons through the holes.
  3. Tie around the child’s forehead to the appropriate size.