Unique Toddler Halloween Costumes

There are so few years in their lives when holidays are purely magical times of wide-eyed wonder and unbridled joy.

Make Halloween extra-special this year with a fabulous costume. Here are some great ideas for unique toddler Halloween costumes that you’ll never forget and that your child will smile at fondly when looking through the family photos in years to come.


This fresh take on a classic hobo costume has the advantage of letting the child wear his or her familiar comfortable clothing, thus lessening the risk of a melt down before you’ve even cleared the driveway. Dirty the face, mess up the hair, add a "will work for candy" sign and the costume is complete. Put a string on the sign and let the child wear it to keep hands free for holding out the goodie bag.


There aren’t many kids who won’t relate to this easy DIY Halloween costume. Simply find a child-size box and either paint it or stripe it with white and red duct tape. Packing peanuts are great materials for creating popcorn at the top of the box. Real popcorn will work, too, if the child is small enough. You can add text, but most people will understand the costume without it.

A Little Latte

This is another easy DIY Halloween costume. The Starbucks Halloween costume begins with an expanse of felt, and the beauty of it is that you can vary the drink with the color of felt. There is some sewing involved, but it probably could be done with fabric glue if you don’t plan to reuse the costume.


A toddler cheerleader costume doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the less complicated it is the more comfortable the wearer will be, and that’s a good thing. A short skirt and a T-shirt emblazoned with a logo from favorite team will work wonderfully. If you can find a shirt for a local team, even better. Add pom poms and she’s set.


A Smurf is another way to keep it low-key for a toddler. Blue clothing and blue face paint, and the costume’s finished. Add a beard and hat if you’re going for the Papa Smurf look.


This is an inexpensive costume, but it’s definitely not for every child. All those layers and the unfamiliar rustle can become irritating to some. To create the look, glue colorful strips of tissue festooning to clothing. It will take some time, but not a lot of money, to create this unique costume.