Unicorn 5th Birthday Party

I created a magical unicorn party for my daughter’s 5th birthday! Every detail from the decorations, to the activities, to the food and party favors was sparkly, and pastel pink!

The Shindigz unicorn theme was perfect for our party! It gave me a beautiful color pallet to work with, and just the right mix of modern and magical.

When guests entered the party room, they were greeted with the unicorn standee as the backdrop to the treat table. It really set the mood for the party.

On the treat table, I layered two white table cloths and used pink ribbon plus a few safety pins to make an adorable table cover.

The Unicorn Tumblers were such a huge hit with moms and kids alike! The girls got to run around with their pink lemonade, and I didn’t have to worry about spills. WIN-WIN!

The party was held from 11am-1pm, so lunch was one of our activities. This iridescent fringe was the perfect room divider in my kitchen. It helped keep the party theme flowing throughout the first floor, while distracting the guests from the living room, which wasn’t set up to be part of the party.

Once the kids had a good serving of healthy, savory foods, like tea sandwiches and yogurt, I wasn’t as guilty about them binging on all of the beautiful treats! And there were a lot of treats!

The treat table was set with macarons, white chocolate dipped pink wafer cookies, cupcakes, rice crispy treats, unicorn chow, pink lemonade and an outstanding unicorn cake from my local bakery.

The unicorn chow was white chocolate rice-cereal "muddy-buddies", but these personalized bag toppers really set them apart from the other treats! My daughter adores anything with her name on it, so these were a big hit.

Guests left with their treat boxes filled to the brim! Each guest made a unicorn balloon, decorated unicorn cookies, and received unicorn figurines and a unicorn necklace.