The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide

The shower date is set, the dress fittings are scheduled, but there are two more things still to check off your bridesmaid to-do list: Plan an epic bachelorette party and show up for the ceremony on time. Shindigz can’t help you with the second, but we have your back when it comes to the first. Just follow this handy bachelorette party planning guide for a step-by-step list.

Set a Party Theme and Reserve the Location

A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be an alcohol-infused night on the town, though if that’s her preference call the limo company and her favorite dance club for reservations. There are many other possibilities, such as a day at the spa or a weekend at a quiet bed-and-breakfast. Decide what type of party your bride-to-be would enjoy the most, and make sure you make book the venue or room in plenty of time.

Figure Out The Budget and Scale of the Event

Would she most enjoy a nice dinner with a few close friends? Or would the bride-to-be prefer an all-out bash with dozens of pals? Just as importantly, what’s the budget for either situation? If money’s tight but the crowd is large, look for ways to economize. Solid-color tableware and decorations let you stretch the budget to cover more guests or an upgraded menu.

Send Invitations

This one seems pretty basic, but many a party planner has overlooked this key detail until it’s too late to send anything but a generic discount-store invitation. Instead, start early and create fabulous custom invitations unique to your friend and her style. Personalized invitations are amazing affordable as well, particularly today’s popular photo cards.

Plan the Menus and Drinks

A simple cocktail-and-appetizers event can be a low-budget blast. Many drink recipes can be replicated in non-alcoholic versions for guests who don’t indulge. If you’re pressed for time, call on your girlfriends to help. Many appetizers easily can be made in advance, cutting down on the last-minute stress for everyone. If she’s planning a Mexican cruise or trip to Hawaii for her honeymoon, work flavors from those locales into the menu.

Find Fabulous Favors

Our personalized chocolate bars are always in style. Use the same design as your invitations to perfectly coordinate the party from beginning to end. For bigger budgets, customized travel mugs or stemware make memorable as well as usable favors.