Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


The three Toy Story movies provide a lot of fantastic material for a themed birthday party. From the great characters to the memorable settings of Andy’s Room, Pizza Planet, and beyond, you can really go all out when throwing a Toy Story birthday party. Here are five ideas for creating a Toy Story themed party your kids will love!

Create Andy’s Room

The first step in throwing the greatest Toy Story party is having rocking decorations. To make your living room look and feel like Andy’s bedroom, try a scene setter kit. It comes with a Happy Birthday banner as well as two panels of all the characters hanging in Andy’s room. Then use Toy Story streamers and danglers to spice up the walls and the ceilings. For a final step, gather up your kids’ toys and spread them around the party space! If you’re into bargain hunting, see if any thrift shops have plastic dinosaurs or old Potato Heads to enhance the theme.

Let Your Table Tell a (Toy) Story

Pull out all the stops to decorate your table. Start with a themed table cloth and deck it out by setting up some Woody, Buzz, and Rex centerpieces. Toy Story plates, cups, and napkins pull everything together. If you want to send home a reusable party favor, opt for dishwasher-safe stadium cups. Finally, stick a personalized candy jar in the center of the table and fill it with fun stuff like stickers and temporary tattoos.

Eat at Pizza Planet

What better food to have at a Toy Story birthday party than pizza from Pizza Planet, Andy’s favorite pizza place? Save some old pizza boxes (those that don’t have too much grease inside!) so the kids can redecorate their tops with Pizza Planet logos. Then serve your birthday star’s favorite pizza out of them. Then decorate the perfect Toy Story cake with edible cake decorations. Or, display a Toy Story cupcake stand at the center of the table with tiers of tasty cupcakes.

Play Potato Head Games

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head need help putting their faces on! Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the face on the Potato Heads. The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head standees are life-size and come with cut-out facial accessories that attach with Velcro. Perfect for blindfolding kids and seeing what kind of face they come up with! If the kids would rather keep their eyes open, Mr. Potato Head Wall Decals give kids dozens of creative options for giving Mr. P a face.

Do Crafts for Cowboys and Astronauts

Let the kids pick whether they’re from the Wild West or "infinity and beyond" and be like Woody and Buzz. Start with space helmets and sheriff’s badges so they can dress the part. Then have a craft session. Those interested in outer space can make cute little toilet paper roll rockets. Kids on the Woody train will love making cowboy puppets out of paper bags. For the birthday boy or girl, go all out by getting a Woody or Buzz costume!

Make your house Andy’s Room and Pizza Planet and fill it with games, crafts, and decorations kids will love. With a Toy Story theme, the next birthday party you throw will go "to infinity and beyond!"