Top 5 Wedding Party Games

You’ve been planning your wedding for months and you want everything to be perfect on the big day. Take it to a whole new level of fun by planning some wedding party games for your reception. The right activities before and after dinner will make guests feel more comfortable around people they may not know and will keep the energy level of your party high.

Wedding I Spy

A fun way to get your tables interacting with each other is by printing out wedding-themed I Spy games and leaving them at each table. List items like "something blue" or "someone kissing" as easy options, then make them more difficult as the list goes on. This is a fun way for people to interact with each other and it’s a game that can continue even after the dancing has started; kidswill also love playing I Spy. You can even get cute by putting the game on wedding invitations and "inviting" your guests to play!


Another fun way to get your tables laughing is to leave an icebreaker game on every table. Get a cute jar and put pieces of paper with different icebreakers inside it. You can do anything you please, from requiring people to tell funny stories, share an interesting fact about themselves, or do something silly like get up and dance for five seconds. Rules on the front of the jar instruct everyone how to play: one person draws a slip of paper then it goes around the table with everyone participating in answering.

Decorate Your Own Dessert

While not strictly a game, letting your guests decorate their own cupcakes or cookies will be lots of fun for everyone. You can, of course, offer pre-decorated options for those who would rather spend their time dancing, but others in the crowd (especially kids and teens) will like sprinkling dessert with candy and choosing their own flavors. Keep it classy by staying within a color scheme; the table will look lovely if almost every decoration is white or silver, for example. Put the toppings in pretty jars or even martini glasses to pull the table together in a cohesive look.

Coloring for Kids

Anyone who’s ever been a kid at an adult event (which is basically everyone) knows that children tend to get restless long before the grown-ups are ready to leave. So give them something special to do while their parents dance and chat with relatives and friends. A table with crayons, markers, and paper will provide lots of fun for the kids. Give them a wedding coloring kit, which includes games and pictures to color in, and they’ll make their own fun.

Not everyone is going to want to dance all night long. Offer them fun alternatives by creating a table full of board games, playing cards, and even a puzzle or two. This is a great place for guests to get some rest from the Macarena, as well as another place where kids can mingle. Certain games, like Pictionary or Guestures, become more and more hilarious as the alcohol starts flowing, so don’t be surprised if you hear and uproar of laughter coming from this corner of your party.

Make the night fun for everyone by choosing one or more of these wedding party game ideas. Your guests will love the extra entertainment and laughter and everyone will leave happy.