Top 5 At-Home Graduation Party Tips

"Celebrate good times, come on!" We believe graduation is one good time and we can’t wait to celebrate your grad’s accomplishments and future plans. We understand that graduation may look a little different this year, so we put together the top 5 tips for making your at-home grad party one of a kind.

Tip #1: Make a Statement

Create a party that is all that and then some - like adding a bold statement to make your grad feel extra special. Whether you decide to have a virtual party or wait to have a party till later in the summer, a grad party that speaks to its guests stands out as more personal and overall more fun. The Statement Year Grad Party Kit embraces your grad’s personality and goals by letting you customize the messaging and colors, as well as is perfect for any venue. Get creative and create slogans that showcase your grad like, "Katie Gets a Standing Ovation!" or "Shelly Knocked it Out of the Park!" Whatever the case may be, Statement Year grad parties allow you to personalize every piece of your party.

Tip #2: Add a Unique Twist

Not only do you want your event to have a statement element, but you will also want it to be unique. Add a twist to your grad party with a theme. The focus should still ultimately be on the grad, but you can make it fun by adding a theme that is entertaining for guests. Go for a bit of humor with a Taco 'Bout a Grad theme or make it more relaxed with a Backyard Luau. Share pictures of the party on social media or make a colorful background to stand in front of as your guests videochat in. Ask them to wear themed outfits so they can participate no matter where they are celebrating.

Tip #3: Go Big

Bring the attention back to your grad with Big Heads, Lifesize Standees and Fan Faces. Big Heads are perfect to hang on the front door or on a wall above a memory table, while a Lifesize Standee can pose with guests for photo ops. Use Table Top Standees to display as centerpieces for your party. Send your virtual guests Fan Faces so they can take pictures and support your grad on social media.

Tip #4: Make Memories that Last

The staple to any good party is a photo backdrop. You can set the scene for the entire event with the right background and simple photo props. They can also be used as your virtal background to keep with your virtual party theme. There are your standard backdrops that fit all popular themes including Statement, Taco ‘Bout a Grad and Grad Chalk and are perfect to cover any wall in your home or venue. However, even if you get a simple picture backdrop or make one out of foil curtains, you can make it absolutely spectacular with a simple banner and balloons. Add even more depth and character with paper flowers and poms. Make sure to make your camera angle wide enough so you can see all the detail work when video chatting friends and family.

Tip #5: Stroll Down Memory Lane

Every great graduation makes a statement, has a unique twist, goes big and creates memories. However, what separates the great from the ultimate grad parties is the sharing of memories. Graduation is a huge accomplishment, but it is important to take the time to look back and see how it all unfolded.

Frame the special moments and customize them to tell a story throughout your party. Add a memory board with your proudest moments, or display action shots of your grad playing the sport they loved on photo numbers that match their jersey number. Place them in the corner of your backdrops when displaying them for a virtual party, or create a slideshow that your guests can watch at specific times. Use personalized yard signs with your favorite photos to show how much you've changed over the years. Either way, it's important to pay tribute to everything and everyone that helped them achieve a higher education.

We have tons of great tips for graduation. Looking for more? Here's a few to help you plan:

  • Rethink Your Food Table - Change the way that you display your food to keep everything separate. Prepacked food and candies are a great alternative for guests.
  • "Grad in a Box" - Celebrate with your grad by sending them a personalized "graduation in a box", complete with a personalized banner, customized fan faces, a graduation yard sign and fun graduation favors
  • Schedule Arrival Times for Guests - Trying to find out how to limit the number of guests at your party during one time? Schedule different times for different groups of people - having time for family, friends and other people in your life.
  • Virtual Grad Party - Send your friends and family some of your favorite photos through photo cutouts and video chat them so they can celebrate your grad's success.

So, throw your at-home grad party and make them feel extraordinary.