Top 10 Office Christmas Party Games

When it’s your turn to plan the office Christmas party games there are several great ideas that can be adapted regardless of party size, venue or theme. The top 10 office Christmas party games include icebreaker games, games for teams and games that will have the whole room laughing and enjoying the holiday spirit.

1. Ornament Guessing Game

Include a tree decorated with several dozen ornaments as one of the focal piece decorations for the party. When guests enter, give each a slip of paper to record their guess for how many ornaments are on the tree – no fair counting! Have them sign their name and collect the slips of paper. Determine who had the closest guess and award a customized ornament with your company’s name and the year printed on it.

2. Christmas Who?

Icebreakers are great games, especially if it’s a larger party. This game is like a scavenger hunt to find out which guest has done the things on the list. Guests mingle, ask questions and have fun. Use a online printable and have enough copies for all guests. Have guests exchange completed sheets for a small wrapped prize.

3. Who am I? Famous couples

Write the name of one half of a famous couple or duo on a sticky note. Show the guest their name and then stick it on their back. Everyone moves about the room asking other guests only yes or no questions to try and find their match. Sample matches:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus
  • The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who
  • Homer and Marge Simpson

4. Famous Lines

Construct a list of well-known movie quotes. offers several great lists with movies by decade and popularity. Choose a broad range of quotes, place each quote in a bowl and the first guest to raise correctly guess wins a point for that round. Play 3 rounds with 5 quotes each and the player with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

5. 1-Minute Movie Charades

In teams of two, the guests have 1-minute to act out a famous movie title. If their partner gets it correct, the team receives a point and moves on to next round. Play 3 rounds and team(s) with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

6. Opening Lyrics

Similar to the Famous Lines game, construct a list of Christmas songs. Write down the first line of each, place in a bowl and play 3 rounds with 5 opening lyrics and the player with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

7. Christmas Mad-libs

At some point in life, most everyone has played a version of Mad-Libs the game that requires you to fill in words to a story to create a funny, new story. Using online printables, create Christmas mad-libs to place on each table at the party. Have guests work together to fill it out to create a funny (but not offensive) story that can be read later in the party.

8. Memory Game: Christmas theme

Place about two dozen Christmas items on a serving tray and bring it around to each table while guests are nibbling on dessert. Everyone at the table has one minute to memorize the items on the tray. Take the tray away and the guests have to use their memories to write down what they saw. The guest(s) with the most correct answers wins a prize.

9. Cookie Walk Game

Like an old-fashioned cake walk, have several plates or tins of Christmas cookies and other sweet treats to give away. Use sheets of cardboard numbered 1 through 20 to create the walking circle. Play Christmas music and have the 20 guests walk the circle. Prepare slips of paper numbered 1 through 20. When the music stops pull out a numbered slip and the person standing on the number wins a treat.

10. Office Raffle Game

This is the easiest way to ensure every guest goes home with a present. As each guest comes in, give them a raffle ticket. Throughout the party, randomly draw raffle numbers. The guests pick a prize from a table of wrapped gifts. Include a range of small and large items as well as gift cards. This is a great opportunity to gift customized items with the company’s logo on it, including key tags and travel mugs.