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Sweeteasy 1920's Birthday Party Ideas

I recently planned a 40th Birthday for my good friends’ husband. Since it’s the year 2020 they wanted to go with a 1920’s theme but mix in a little casino as well. I’ve never planned this theme before, so it was fun to take on something new. Let’s take a look at what I did using so many great products from Shindigz.

Guests were greeted at the entrance with a massive balloon garland I made using black, white & gold balloons in a color blocking pattern. There was also a large poster print on an easel welcoming them into the party. The stairs were decorated with black lanterns, pillar candles and a Welcome to the Speakeasy sign. Once inside there was another balloon garland using red, white & black balloons going up the stairs with mini card suit cutouts on them. This front room I utilized most of the Casino type décor like card suit cutouts and on the check in table I used the dice stacking centerpiece as a way for guests to leave cards for the birthday boy. A mugshot photo booth was set up in this room and a few props on a side table for guests to use like a cigarette holder prop and pearl necklaces. The favor table with its black & white striped tablecloth was set by the front door so when guests left at the end of the night, they could grab from the variety of party favors from customized playing cards, personalized poker chips and even glittered card suit keychains.

Appetizers were served on the kitchen island each with their own fun food labels, poker plates and black silverware. The dessert table with its Sweeteasy backdrop printed on a large 40x58 poster print played a huge roll in helping me blend the two themes together. I painted wine bottles black and stuffed them with feathers then used custom wine bottle labels to make fun arrangements. Glitz & glam plates & napkins along with western loot bags helped bring in the 1920’s aspect while scattered custom poker chips & poker chip cookies helped with the casino feel. Party sparkler candles were used later once we cut the cake.

Outside under the pergola I hung 2 gold tier chandeliers and used the bandstand set to help set the stage for the dancefloor. Using a custom vertical banner hung on the vertical banner stand I let the guests know they could find a seat here but they really belonged on the dancefloor. Guests could also dine outside on the tables set with gold sequin overlays and black & white striped chair covers. Since the party was going to take place in the evening, I knew we would need extra lighting so I strung up globe string lights to give everything a nice warm glow. The bar area featured personalized napkins, a champagne tower station and a 3 shelf bookcase I utilized to showcase all the martini, old fashioned and wine taster glasses for the night.

We had a taco cart come to cater the event so I used a 18x24 photo poster print to showcase the menu which was set out on our water beverage station. This station featured two types of infused water, water bottles with custom labels, some glitz & glam cups and decorated with another custom wine bottle label arrangement. The juice joint crate props gave a huge wow factor set up next to the table as well. It was a truly magical night full of laughter & good times that my friend Courtney and her husband will never forget.