The Best Sweet 16 Party Themes for Summer

While you might not have been thrilled 16 years ago to endure long, hot days during your pregnancy, at least now that she’s reaching a milestone birthday summer is a great time to celebrate.But how? Here are three great Sweet 16 party themes for summer celebrations.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Go to the lake, hit the beach or find a pool – swimming is an obvious Sweet 16 party theme for summer.

If you have a pool at home, the only thing else you need is beach party decorations, some great grill recipes and the right music. Supplement the birthday cake with a sundae bar featuring homemade ice cream.

If you’re making a road trip, check out the venue well ahead of time to make sure there’s enough grill space to serve your crowd. If not, buy or borrow backups.

Cooling could be an issue, too. It might be time to invest in a super-size cooler. They are expensive, though, so if you don’t foresee yourself using anything that big again – and you might with graduation parties in the future – see if you can rent one.

In The Still Of The Night

Warm summer nights just seem to trigger an urge to dine on the deck, under the stars or by flickering candle light. Come to think of it, that’s a fabulous motif for a Sweet 16 party, too.

Go glam with a pillar on a pedestal or sultry with a tabletop tiki torch as your centerpiece and lighting is taken care of. Offer a full meal or heavy hors devours – just be sure to include the information on the invitation so guests know what to expect.

Glow parties are a hot trend particularly suited for a summer Sweet 16. These days, even the cutlery is available in glow-in-the-dark designs, making it easy to light up the night. Add a DJ and let the birthday girl and her friends dance the night away.

Where is the Party Anyway?

For teens with an adventurous spirit and at least slightly geeky tendencies, a geocaching party is a fun way to build excitement about the Sweet 16 party for days, or even weeks, in advance. The theme also dovetails nicely with the notion of coming of age and finding your way.

Use existing caches or create your own. Just be sure you follow proper protocol and don’t put your one-time caches on public sites that will frustrate fellow cachers later. Let the last cache lead to the party location, and let the fun begin. Serve a cake with a geocaching theme, too.