Studio 17 Disco Party

By Brittany Schwaigert | February 13, 2017

I love every part of this collection from Shindigz! It’s so fun and kitschy! I started my disco part with a couple of large pieces. This Studio 17 hanging sign was the starting point for my design. I mounted it on a backdrop and then added gold foil curtains to both sides. Doesn’t that just feel like a disco?

On either side of the table, I had to have a couple of these dancer silhouette standees. There are four different poses to choose from. I love the "Travolta" one. To give them some extra disco feel, I put them on top of these Studio 17 platforms. I used the medium and the small versions, but there is also a large one!

Every disco party has to have a dance floor! I used several pieces of Studio 17 dance floor cutouts. I put some in front of the table, on the floor, but I also used them behind the dancer silhouettes as a backdrop. They are very light weight, so the possibilities are endless on where you can incorporate them into your party design.

To top the table, I used a simple black tablecloth, and then I added a gold sequin fabric overlay on top. I turned it on a diagonal to give it that point in the front. I love this overlay and it would be perfect for a variety of different themes. It gives that glitz and glamour that you need for a nightclub themed party!

Hanging off the front of the table, I used these super fun gold junior megaloons to spell out DISCO. So fun right? I love the junior size of these balloons because you have spell out so many words!

I love a fun party treat, and I added two different personalized treats from Shindigz! First were these fun personalized disco ball lollipops, which I displayed in simple black and white boxes with gold bag shred. The other was mint tins! I love these because you can give them as a favor. I keep a mint tin in my car at all times, so I think it’s a great favor!

For the cake, I chose a simple layered cake which I covered in fondant and sprayed with a gold edible food spray. To bring in the disco ball feel, I added some simple squares of fondant to the front before I sprayed it. I displayed the cake on this cardboard cube set, which I spray painted with gold paint. I then stuck these vintage records on the sides.

And lastly, we had to have a disco ball! I love this Revolving Mirror Disco Ball. It can either sit on your tabletop or you can even hang it!

I hope this party gave you Disco Fever!!