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Homecoming Spirit Week Dress Up Day Ideas

Homecoming week is the one time a year students get to ditch the dress code for the sake of school spirit. Fun dress-up days get everyone pumped for the big game. Here’s a week designed around our favorites.

Emoji Monday: Say goodbye to a case of the Mondays this week, because everyone will be happy with emojis. Students will have fun dressing as smiley faces, thumbs up and angels. Create a photo booth for lunchtime, personalized with a hashtag like #BHSHomecoming17; add emoji balloons for color, as well as props like emoji fan faces.

Super Tuesday: Save the day with superhero dress-up! This is a good one for guys and gals alike. For those who forgot to dress up or who maybe need accessories, pass out masks and capes at the school entrance. See if the cafeteria crew would be willing to deck out the dining hall with superhero-themed tablecloths, centerpieces and plates.

Western Wednesday: Grab those boots and kick the dust up for a mid-week Wild West Fest! Round up those crazy cowboys and cowgirls to have a hoedown dance off at lunch. Set the stage with a boot and balloon arch and award medals to first, second and third place winners. Make sure to have buckets of peanuts for those watching.

Throwback Thursday: Decade days never go out of style. Create a little friendly competition by having each class choose a decade for their dress, so for example, you could have fifties freshmen, sixties sophomores, etc. Ask the principal if you can play tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s over the loud speaker during passing periods.

Fan Friday: Students can show their spirit by dressing in as many school-colored items as possible. This includes bandanas, socks, sunglasses and buttons. Homeroom teachers can count the items on each student and report those numbers for the big homecoming rally at the end of the day. The guy and gal winners for the whole school could get #1 spirit mitts in school colors, as well as a gift certificate for the school store.

So how do you spread the word so students know how to dress? Add personalized banners at the school entrances; write a section for the school newsletter; have teachers announce dress-up days in their homerooms; post the week’s schedule on social media.

Whatever you do, make this spirit week one for the yearbook.

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