Soccer Themed Birthday Party

Calling all soccer fans!! What better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than with their favorite sport as the overall theme!?!

We couldn’t resist using this custom standee of the birthday boy dressed in soccer gear as one of the focal points for the dessert table! You simply upload your favorite photo and request that it be printed and trimmed….it was amazing how closely the soccer player standee resembled Harrison.

For the dessert table design, we kept things simple, focusing on key colors such as black & white with pops of green pulled from playing fields and hints of yellow. The table’s backdrop was a fun, reusable yellow inflatable soccer goal. I love incorporating items into a party’s décor that can double as gifts for the birthday boy or girl as well as items to play with after the party wraps up.

We chose crisp white linens for the base of the table and added a black and white striped overlay, pulling design inspiration from the game referees.

Pro Tip: Layering linens is a great way to add dimension and texture in an affordable manner to any dessert table.

For fun, we added this artificial green tissue paper grass to act as a fun runner under our desert designs under the inflatable goal. Cupcakes were dressed up in personalized cupcake wrappers and topped with fun soccer ball rings. Oreo cookies were neatly stacked on top of a 6" white pedestal for color contrast. We also served chocolate candy bars in personalized wrappers.

Pro Tip:I typically strive to offer guests 3-5 dessert choices when planning a menu.

Treats were served on realistic soccer paper plates along with "Penalty Flags", aka yellow luncheon napkins. Beverages were served in customized black and white striped mugs. Green plastic whistles were wrapped around the fronts of each mug for an added fun touch. To leave the whistles intact, simply wrap them around the mug and adhere with tape. Alternatively, you can trim the whistles to remove excess cording and attach to the back of the mugs with 3D glue or hot glue.

To add height to the table, we used 2 bunches of large mylar black balloons mixed with soccer ball mylar balloons, using black weights to anchor.

Serving both as decoration and as something to entertain party guests, we scattered inflatable soccer balls across the base of our dessert table. Each guest took home their very own soccer trophy favors in personalized bags reading, "I hope you had a ball". We also labeled the front of our favor table with a 3" personalized soccer sticker so that it could be read from a distance as guests approached the table.

We hope you had a ball and grabbed some soccer party inspiration from our photos!