School Spirit Week Made Easy With School Spirit Ideas & Team Spirit Ideas!

Whether you’re looking for ways to whip fans into a frenzy on a budget or want to breathe fresh life into Homecoming Week festivities, you’ve come to the right place. At Spiritline, we hear from thousands of cheerleading squads and planning committees every year. And while one football team would never swipe an opponent’s playbook, we believe in sharing ideas all across the country. After all, White Out Night will intimidate the other team just as effectively on the East Coast as it will on the West. Rallies to declaw Wildcats work the same in Arizona as they do in Kentucky. We’re just not an idea place, though. We’ve also created shopping lists and scheduling calendars to make planning easy.

  • Crowd Involvement

    1. Stage A War

    Rally the crowd with a tug-a-war between your mascot and the rival team's mascot! Rent the rival team's mascot costume and recruit a student to play the part for the game. Your mascot and "their" mascot then fight it out-and your mascot wins! Mock fights between the mascots during the game also keep the victorious spirit alive!

    2. Zip Your Lip
    Shhh! Save your spirit for your team's first touchdown. Instruct all the fans (at the pep rally) that they are to be completely silent until their team scores. Then unleash all that pent-up energy in a torrent of school spirit! A great way to intimidate your rivals while super-charging your fans!

    3. Bring It On
    Give 'em a real spectacle! Play the loudest music, perform the hippest dances, and execute the most daring stunts during half-time. This will energize the fans for another round of game action!

    4. Use Your Lungs
    Who's got the most school spirit? Find out in a shouting contest (held before the game or during a time-out). It's the left side of the crowd against the right in this exciting battle of spirit!

    5. Play Ball
    Get the crowd in the mood for fun! Provide one or two colorful beach balls for the crowd to bat around before the game. Once the game starts, have the fans autograph the balls as a fun gift for the coach or MVP!

    6. Sea of Fans
    Create a sea of color in the stands! Give the first person in each row a 19" roll of gossamer. As the roll is passed from person to person along the horizontal row, your school's dominance unfolds. (A 100 yard roll covers the length of a football field!) When the fans are covered, start a giant wave. The opposing fans will be shrouded with embarrassment when they see a GIANT flag of your school colors.

    7. Noise Power!
    Sell a variety of noisemakers (cheerphones, cow bells, horns, kazoos, imprinted clicker poms, and spirit clappers) to the fans so they can distract the rival school and applaud their own team.

    8. Wear It with Pride.
    Bandannas, foam mitts, spirit towels, and poms are great visual ways to increase enthusiasm.

    9. It's a New Wave
    Start a unique wave in the bleachers. Instead of the normal wave where fans rise slightly and raise their arms, encourage them to do the "twister" (Fans stand up completely, turn all the way around, and sit back down).

    10. Spread the Word
    Put up banners and signs in the gym before each game. Use your opponent's name, and give each battle a new weapon. A few rolls of our seamless paper in your school colors will work perfectly (For big games, give the gym an extra boost with balloons, metallic streamers, and crepe paper too)!

    11. Time for Traditions
    Create and promote traditions. Use the same cheer for free throws, feature your fight song each game, use the crowd's favorite chant at time-outs, etc.

    12. Mascot Madness
    Nothing gets a crowd more excited than their school mascot brought to life! Put your rowdiest fan inside your school's biggest hero and watch the crowd fire up!

    13. Mega-Loud
    If they can't hear you, how can they join in? Use megaphones to help project your voices, and get your cheers heard loud and clear!

    14. Spell It Out
    Make hand held signs with big, clear words to lead the crowd - our strong corrugated paper works really well for this.

    15. Educate the Masses
    Teach new crowd cheers at pep rallies so that your fans will know it in time for the big game.

    16. Powerful Poms
    Pass out our popular pom poms in your school colors. They are inexpensive, and your rival will be green with envy when they see the sea of your school colors on your bleachers.

    17. Giant Flags
    Run around the field with giant school flags to pump up the crowd.

    18. Push-ups
    Do push ups in the end zone for each point scored.

    19. Noodles
    Get Foam noodles or skinny balloons in your school colors, pass them out to the crowd for a sea a waving school spirit. Our BamBams are a great alternative.

    Pep Rally Ideas

    A great pep assembly not only gets students out of their classes – it gets them fired up for the big game! Here are just a few ways to guarantee that your pep rally will be a huge success.
    • Free Stuff. Crowds love giveaways! Candy, pennants, glow necklaces, Spirit Stix, Lanyards, Water Bottles, and other fun Spiritline items make great prizes and giveaways. Try this, divide the crowd into sections, listen to which section has the loudest lungs, and hand out buckets of small sweets to the section with the most spirit! Another idea, have everyone drop their name in a bucket on the way in. During the pep rally, pick out three names for great prizes - like game tickets, school shirts, or megaphones.
    • Chubby Bunny. All you need is marshmallows and several willing victims…uh, contestants. Make sure some of them are football players! Each contestant stuffs a marshmallow in his/her mouth and says "Chubby Bunny" (you could have them say something else - like "Go Panthers!"). They repeat this until only one person is left who can actually say the slogan with all the marshmallows in his/her mouth!
    • Royal Teachers. Give the teachers a chance to be crowned! Let all the students vote for their favorite male and female teachers (you could use this as a fundraiser as well!), tally the votes, and crown the winners at the pep rally. Provide funny crowns and scepters for lots of laughs!
    • Dancing Dudes. A few weeks before the rally, pick a fun group of guys from each class and teach them an easy dance routine. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa, "The Cha Cha Slide" by DJ Casper or "The Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid are a few great picks for this dance! Encourage the guys to dress up and watch--the crowd will go wild!
    • Cover Guys. Call out the seniors of each of your schools activities, organizations and sports and separate them into ladies vs. gents (make sure the number is even). The gentleman should sit on chairs while the women are blindfolded. The object of the game is for the women to put makeup on the men, without looking! Assign a teacher to help one couple. The crowd then votes on the winner! (The brighter the makeup the better!)
    • Audience Art. Select teams of four people from the audience. Give each team a box of materials (crepe streamer, balloons, permanent markers, stickers, cardboard, etc.) and five minutes to create the best spirit display. The crowd response selects the winning team, whose members get a small reward like an imprinted cow bell or hand fan.
    • Wrap Your Rival. Choose teams of three people from the audience. One member of each team represents the rival school. The other two team members are given rolls of crepe streamer in your school colors. Hold a contest to see which team completely wraps the "rival school" team member from head to toe the fastest. Be sure to reward the winning team with a bouquet of imprinted spirit balloons!
    • Scavenger Hunt. If your pep rally is held on the football field, here's a fun, alternative use for balloon weights. Scatter two packages of balloon weights over the football field. Select five people from the crowd, and make it a race to see who can gather up the most balloon weights in an allotted time. If you have more than one prize to give away, mark one of the balloon weights with permanent marker. The holder of that balloon weight gets an additional prize!
    • Dancing in the Dark. Lights off for the half-time show! Once total darkness settles in, pump up the crowd with a fast-paced dance heightened by several of our neon glow items.
    • Glow for It. Get the fans in on the glow action with our glow necklaces!
    • Spell It Out. Giant letter balloons are a great way to get our message across. Have even more fun by filling them with confetti. As players run by the balloons when their names are announced, each player pops their balloon to release the fun surprise!
    • Pennies for Prizes. Use our glass boot mug for a penny-pitch. Select students from the crowd, and give each participant five pennies to throw. The winner with the most pennies in the glass receives a school bandanna, dog tags, or lanyard.
    • Kiss and Tell. Have each player sit in a chair and tell them that they will be blindfolded, and an anonymous cheerleader will kiss them on the cheek. (Their mission is to guess which cheerleader kissed them.) After they are blindfolded, quietly bring out each of their mothers and have them give their sons a peck. The crowd will love it, even if the players don't.
    • Rally the Crowd. A good pep rally prepares the fans for the big game. This is the perfect time to teach new crowd cheers, make game announcements, and explain your game plan.

    School Store Shopping List

    Now’s the time to stock up your school store! Make sure you fill it with all the practical necessities, like pens and pencils. But don’t stop there! You can also add fun items like spirit marks and cheerphones. You’ll keep the students supplied while promoting school spirit at the same time!

    Here’s a list of essentials for your school store.

    Spirit Day Ideas

    Consider one of the following suggestions for your next sprit day.  Be sure to coordinate your school décor with the theme, and remind all students that participation is a MUST!
    • Sports Day
    • Mardi Gras Day
    • Cartoon Day
    • Fairy Tale Day
    • Farm Day
    • Safari Day
    • Stars and Stripes Day
    • Beach Day
    • Music Day
    • Armed Forces Day
    • Wacky Hair Day
    • MTV Day
    • Retro Day
    • Dress Up Day
    • Hawaiian Day
    • Fiesta Day
    • Hat Day 
    • Mismatch Day
    • Costume Day
    • Pajama Day
    • Class Color Day
    • Profession Day
    • Movie Star Day
    • TV Star Day
    • International Day
    • Western Day
    • Wig Day

    Spirit Ideas

    There's nothing more exhilarating than hearing the crowd cheer during the big game, or having a sea of school colors pack the stands. Showing your spirit is crucial for victory! We've compiled some ways to help you show your team and your school that you're behind them all the way.

    1. A Clear Message
    Advertise your school logo along with your game or spirit week schedule on our Custom Static Decals! The transparent decals are perfect for car, house, and school windows and are easily removable after the events.
    2. Paint-A-Banner
    Using our water-based Paint Kits and Poster Markers, set up several "paint stations" in your school. Let the students design spirit banners for the school and stadium. A fun way to spark spirit!
    3. Mad for Mascots
    On game day, have your dressed-up mascot hand out spirit trinkets (such as badges, cheerphones, and sport balls) to the students and fans. Don't have a Mascot Costume? Check out the large variety available from SpiritLine!
    4. All Decked Out
    Cheerleaders not allowed jewelry on game days? No problem! We have added new Temporary Tattoos to our huge selection! Now you can show your spirit with necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets, and rings-all in the form of removable tattoos.
    5. Drink It Up
    Don't settle for plain plastic cups at your concession stand! Sell drinks in our custom Sports Bottles and Stadium Cups for the fans to take home afterwards. At future games, offer a discount to fans who bring their cups. Your fans will never go thirsty again!
    6. Ribbons Mania
    Create a custom ribbon with one of our awesome styles, and then pass them out to family, friends and fans! Your custom design will intimidate the competition and last from game to game.
    7. Stickers Galore
    Wherever there's a white space, stick it with spirit! Our wide range of stickers will really help you show your school spirit. Stick them on books, bags, lockers, cars, cups – wherever you can!
    8. Battle of the Badges
    Decorate your game attire with a sampling of spirited badges. Pin them to coats, jackets, sweatshirts or T-shirts! It's just another way of letting the team know you're rooting for them every step of the way.
    9. Mark Your Spirit
    Adorn your face, arms, hands and legs with our decorative Spirit Marks. In fact, Spirit Marks can go just about anywhere. So plaster 'em all over for lots of spirited fun!
    10. Pom Power
    Create a sea of your school colors in the stands with poms, poms, and more poms! From a distance, there is nothing more intimidating to the opposition, so cheer away.
    11. Drive Time Spirit
    Be prepared for driving into enemy territory at the next away game. Adorn your car with imprinted antenna balls, car flags and antenna pennants. Create a caravan of spirited cars to show your team that you're behind them even when they're not on home turf!
    12. At Home Spirit
    Spirit doesn't just end at school – carry it to your home and neighborhood with our yard signs and spirit banners. Display them proudly year-round, or on the days leading up to your big game.
    13. Bags of Spirit
    Carry your school spirit around with some of our imprinted tote bags, backpacks, spirit bags and bag tags. Be sure to use them on away games and on school field trips.
    14. Stadium Cups
    Everyone can use an extra cup, especially when it's in their school colors and features their school mascot! Encourage students to use their school stadium cup at lunch, at home, and on weekends. An easy way to generate spirit!
    15. Spirit Fridays
    Liven up dull hallways by asking students to wear clothing in school colors on the eve of your big game! To encourage participation, enter students who sport school colors into a contest to win awesome spirit items like badges, ribbons, stickers and our Spirit Marks.
    16. Stand and Shout
    One way to intimidate the competition is to STAND during your next game! Arrange for a section of students to stand and shout throughout the duration of the game. They might be tired at the end, but they'll definitely help your team feel the power of the fans!
    17. Faculty Spirit
    Students aren't the only ones who love their school – faculty members can get in on the action as well! Ask faculty members to dress in school colors and parade around the field with cheerleaders during half time. Or, arrange for a faculty tug-of-war competition at halftime. It's certain to get the crowd's attention!
    18. Poke Fun at Your Rival
    Rent your rival team's mascot and get ready to have some fun! Show your school mascot in a game of tug-of-war with the rival, and watch the crowds roar. The winner? Your mascot, of course!
    19. Discount Tickets
    Encourage fans to wear school colors to games, and reward them with a special discounted game ticket. Let the most outrageously attired fans get in for free as an added incentive!
    20. Beach Ball Fun
    Even if your game takes place in the dead of winter, a beach ball in your school colors is a must-have! Give it to the fans in the stand, and watch them bounce it back and forth for hours on end. It's a fun way to involve fans and show school spirit!

    Spirit Shopping List

    Get ready to show your spirit! From cheerphones to spirit marks, we have everything you need to celebrate your school pride. We’ve even listed all the spirit items you need in this handy shopping guide. Simply print this page out and check each item off as you purchase it. You’ll be organized and prepared for the entire school year!

    Spirit Essentials from Spiritline:
    • Badges
    • Bumper Stickers
    • Buttons
    • Cheerphones
    • Float Material
    • Key Tags
    • Magnets
    • Mascots
    • Noisemakers
    • Pennants
    • Pins
    • Pom Pons
    • Ribbons
    • Seat Cushions
    • Spirit Marks
    • Stadium Cups
    • Stickers
    • Wearables
    Other Spirit Essentials:
    • Lots of energy
    • A positive attitude!

    Spirit Week Ideas

    Pump it up! Get your school rockin' for the big game with these exciting spirit week ideas. Don't wait for the pep rally! Start energizing the fans bright and early on Monday.  By Friday afternoon they will be wild with school spirit and ready to cheer their team to victory! Word to the wise: Clear all events with your school first!

    • Banner Creations. Need help making all those spirit banners for the pep rally and big game? Get help by turning it into a spirit week activity! Set up several "stations" in the cafeteria, gym, or other large area. Provide paint, markers, and paper at each station, and let the students express their creativity! Put one cheerleader or volunteer in charge of each station to keep things organized.  Or, visit our banners for custom banners at a great price!
    • Fun Phrase. You can use the PA system for this idea! Announce a "phrase of the day" (something like "Go Raiders!" or "Cage the Tigers!") in the morning. Let the students know that several teachers and students have been designated as undercover "phrase police." These people hold special "rewards" (homework pass, Spirit Marks,Spirit Stix, game tickets, etc.) for the students that say the special phrase to them. Since the "police" will only have certain amount of prizes, the students who find them first get the goods!
    • Mascot Mania. Nothing encourages spirit quite like the school mascot! During lunch, bring your dressed mascot into the school's cafeteria. The mascot can give out spirit trinkets, help the squad lead a cheer, or perform a fun dance. If you get permission, send the mascot into various classes throughout the week to create more excitement! Don't have a team mascot? Check out our Mascot Costumes.
    • Spirit Marks. We offer a huge variety of fabulous Spirit Marks - temporary tattoos that are all about spirit! They are easy to put on and take off (soap and water will do the trick) and they can be customized for your school! Sell or give them to students throughout the week for a unique and totally cool way to support the team.
    • Good Morning. Set the mood for the day with a spirit-filled morning announcement! Over the school's PA system (get permission first!), recite a cheer/chant, play a fight song, announce the days and hours left till the big game (and the defeat of the rival team!), or simply remind the students of the spirit activities going on that day. It is a great way to get everyone's attention!
    • Car Show. Host a car show after school. Students can sign-up and show-off their rides! Rope-off the cars so everyone can look but not touch - just like the pros! Hand out awards for best system, paint job, wheels, tricked-out and all-around.
    • Winning Legs. Take pictures of all the senior football players legs (just the legs!). For Spirit Week, attach the pictures of each player's stems to a collection can. Let the students know that the picture with the most spare change in the can at the end of the week wins the contest. Reveal the identities of the contestants and the winner at the pep rally! This also makes a great fundraiser.
    • Carnival for Charity. Choose a charity to sponsor and hold a carnival after school or early evening. Set it up just like a real carnival. Get prize donations from local companies. All proceeds go to that year's sponsored charity!
    • Player Support. Each day of the week, pick several players to honor and appreciate! Ways to show they're special: announce their names over the PA system, hang signs with their name and number, decorate their lockers (put candy inside too!), and persuade their teachers to give them a homework pass. We have all the Spirit Items to help support your players (sorry, homework passes not included!).
    • School Scavenger Hunt. Assign items for the students to find each day. Award a daily winner by drawing and a grand prize drawn at the pep rally for the student who finds all the items for the week!
    • Get Milk. Wanna break from cheering? Get the squad together for a milk-drinking contest during lunch (juice or soda could also work). Make sure the table and floor are covered in plastic, and that everyone has plenty of liquid to chug! The cheerleader who drinks the most in five minutes wins the contest. For fun, reward her with a "Got Milk?" poster!
    • Who's Who. Set up a table in the cafeteria, gym, or hallway for baby pictures of the teachers to be displayed. Set a jar and a pile of forms for the students to guess which teacher corresponds to what picture (assign each picture a number). At the end of the week, tally the correct answers and announce both the names of the teachers and the winners of the contest at the pep rally!
    • Follow the Big Foot. Cut paws or foot prints from background paper to "pave" the way to the big pep rally!
    • From Hall to Spirit Wall. You'll need plenty of seamless paper for hall decorating contests between classes. Paint it, glitter it, or layer it! (Get the optimum effect by placing one contrasting color over another. Then cut words and symbols in the top layer of paper to show off what's underneath!)
    • Balloon Treats. Make surprise balloons by placing candy and small trinkets inside balloons before you inflate them. Then place the balloons in the locker room to congratulate the players after the game.
    • Hat Week. Assign a hat theme for each Spirit Week day (mascot day, western day, "fire up" day, "wild round-up" day, etc.). Everyone will be proud to show their school unity! Stumps has cowboy hats, captain hats, pirate's hates, sun hats, fire chief hats, jester's hats, chef's hats, construction hats and a whole lot more!
    • Smile for the Button. Create personalized buttons by using our rotary cutter to trim photographs of your team's brightest stars before inserting them into our design-a-buttons.
    • A Picture Says a Thousand Words. Say "thank you" to teachers and coaches by presenting them with imprinted albums filled with photos from the season's games. Top the memorable gift off with a card signed by the entire team!
    • Powder Puff. Hold a Powder Puff game the night before the big game. Girls are the football players, and guys are the cheerleaders!
    • After-school "Olympics." Give your school's Olympics a theme and make-up competitions for teams to compete in. Have fun and make them silly! Add the chubby-bunny contest or other silly games you find on the web! Tally the points and award medals you've purchased or created for the gold, silver and bronze!
    • Secret Crush. Hold a Secret Admirer Day when students can purchase roses during lunch and have them sent to the objects of desire during homeroom.
    • Guess the Poms. Toss a bunch of pom pons in a large, clear container. Then set the container in an open area where students can guess how many poms are inside the container. The winner receives a pair of poms and free admission to the big game!
    • Bonfire Sing-Along. Hold a bonfire in a safe and regulated area after the big game. Bring the whole school together to sing!
    • Spirit Dollars. Reward spirit week participants with play money for each activity that they are involved in. Give money to individuals or entire classes who display school spirit and then allow them to spend their "cash" at a raffle or carnival at the end of the week.
    • "Idol" Auditions. Offer "Cafeteria Karaoke" at lunch time one day. Whether or not you discover any talent, you're sure to uncover great laughs!
    • Fan Caravan. On the day of the big game, sponsor a caravan for all fans travelling to the game. Meet at the school, deck out your cars, and travel together to the big game. You'll want to try out several of our car items like window paint, car chalk, bumper stickers, car flags, and antenna balls – sure to get your school's spirit rolling!
    • Home Pride. Want to really make your team feel special? Decorate their yards with spirit, in style (no TP here!). Try a few of our yard signs, mixed with sidewalk chalk and outdoor banners to let them know you're cheering them on!
    • Fire Up Signs. Place fire up signs along the bus path to away games – every few miles.
    • Decorate Pillows. Fire up sweet dreams for your school with spirit pride decorated pillows.

    Spirit Week on a Budget

    Is your Spirit Week budget a little tight this year? Not to worry! A little cash can go a long way, especially when you plan ahead. Below are some easy ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck this Spirit Week!
    • Divide your funds equally between the five days. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend on each day’s events and prizes.
    • Choose spirit items and prizes that are colorful and easy on the wallet! Here are some ideas:
    • Badges
    • Bumper Stickers
    • Buttons
    • Cheerphones
    • Funtoos
    • Key Tags
    • Pins
    • Pom Poms
    • Ribbons
    • Stadium Cups
    • Get more for your money by visiting our Outlet store. You’ll find balloons, funtoos, mascot outfits, and more – all out discount prices!
    • Use our economical Background Paper to make your spirit signs and announcements.
    • Solicit the help of students and staff in your Art Department to help make your spirit signs.
    • Decorate your school hallways, cafeteria, gym, and stadium with our colorful, light weight Gossamer. You can use your school colors or choose our fun paw print gossamer (for mascots with paws!).
    • Recruit several parent volunteers to help organize and run various Spirit Week activities. 
    • Contact local businesses for donated or discounted items that you can use during your Spirit Week.
    • Hold a raffle for a large donated prize. This will help offset some cost while generating lots of excitement!
    • Incorporate a few fundraising events into your Spirit Week activities.

    Spirit Week Planning

    Stressed out over hosting five days of exciting events? Overwhelmed by Spirit Week "to-do" lists? Fear not, we're here to help! The following steps will help make your school's big week a stunning success--and keep you sane in the process!
    1. Plan ahead
    2. Organize ideas
    3. Decide theme(s) and activities
    4. Order necessary spirit items (from Shindigz!)
    5. Advertise events
    Spirit Planning Timeline

    4-5 Months Before

    Hold a committee meeting to decide regular meeting times and talk about the bangs and bombs of last year's spirit week. Brainstorm new ideas to add to this year's agenda. List the best ideas and remember that variety is the key to everyone's involvement! Want to repeat a popular event? Go for it - that's how traditions are started! Also, check out our Spirit Week Ideas for extra inspiration.

    Make a master list of five or six highest ranked activities and themes. If you can handle more, great! But remember, although it is important to fill each day with spirited events, it is equally important not to get in over your head! Accept only the activities you know you can do well.

    3 Months Before

    Don't procrastinate! Reach a consensus and begin organizing the activities. Put each volunteer in charge of one day or event. They may recruit more volunteers, if needed.

    1-2 Months Before

    It's never too early to order! Some items take several weeks to be manufactured and shipped (especially anything with custom designs!) so don't put it off. We offer a huge variety of decorations, cheer and spirit essentials, and much more!

    Get the word out! Design an advertising campaign for every event, including fliers, posters, and banners. Distribute flyers to all the students and hang the posters and banners in high-traffic areas of your school. Consider placing posters in local stores as well. Your events can never get too much publicity!

    Spirit Week

    After all the planning and decorating, the big week is finally here. Get pumped up for all the week's activities, wear that smile, and cheer your heart out!

    Spirit Week Essentials (find them at Shindigz): 
    • Pom Poms
    • Cheerphones
    • Ribbons
    • Spirit Marks
    • Buttons
    • Stadium Cups
    • Pennants
    • Mascot Costumes
    • Banner Paint Kits
    • Gossamer
    • Foam Items
    • Spirit Fans
    • Spirit Balls
    • Noisemakers
    • Face Paint
    • Car Items
    • Banners and Flags
    • Stickers
    • Pins

    Spirit Week Themes

    Has Spirit Week at your school lost its ... well ... spirit? Need fresh ideas to liven it up this year? Then this web page is for you! Our exciting spirit week themes are sure to get your school hyped and bring new life to your Spirit Week and our great spirit products like, Lanyards, Spirit Stix, and Pom Poms, will get everyone into the action. So get ready for five awesome, spirit-packed days!

    GO, TEAM, GO!
    • Wide World of Sports: Get ready for the big game with a week of sports! Focus on team sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and soccer, using specific ideas for each theme. For football, consider Monday Night Football, for basketball consider March Madness, and so on. Center your decorations and outfits around the theme of the day.  Pass out SpiritLine Sports Ball Clappers for added inspiration.
    • Red Carpet Regalia: Bring a week of glamour and glitz to your school with a Hollywood theme. Categories could include movie stars, TV shows, music, and fashion. Dress up the school in black and gold, with a giant "Hollywood" sign in the main hallway or doorway. Consider posting movie posters and Hollywood street signs around the school as well.
    • Holiday Cheer: Why wait for the holidays? Host a week of special days during your Spirit Week! New Year's Eve, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and 4th of July are ideal day themes. Coordinate school decorations for each holiday and be sure the students dress in the festive colors!
    • Dose of Reality: Turn your school into a hit reality show! Survivor, Deal or No Deal, and Fear Factor themes are ideal for day or week themes. Decoration ideas: Luau supplies for Survivor, Giant Suitcases for Deal or No Deal, and Halloween supplies for Fear Factor). Center your mottos around your team "surviving," a loss in the big game being "No Deal," and the rival team "fearing" your team!
    • USA Celebration: An American theme is a great way to generate excitement during Spirit Week! Some day themes include red-white-blue day, states day, history day, and presidents' day. Drape the school in red, white, and blue along with American flags, state names, and posters of presidents. Consider hanging the "Star-Spangled Banner" lyrics up as well!
    • Wild, Wild West: The West is back - at your school! Round up a week of cowboys, outlaws, pioneers, and Western movies for this spirit theme. Bales of hay (real or paper), wagon wheels, cowboy hats, Western movie posters, and outfitted students will quickly turn your school into the Wild West!
    • Blast from the Past: For this theme, revisit a different decade each day.  Have students dress in clothes from that decade and hang decorations that exemplify the years you choose.  Some ideas of fun decades to use?  Try the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.  Consult your history teacher for decade details!
    • Around the World: Get your school ready for a trip around the world – in five school days!  Choose five different cities or countries to focus on.  Ask students to don attire typical of each country and get ready for some international fun!  We love the following foreign destinations for this theme – Paris, London, the Far East, Mexico and the Caribbean.
    • Mythology: The ancient stories of Greece and Rome can come to life in your school hallways with a little research and a lot of fun!  Consult mythology books and choose a different mythological tale for each day of your spirit week.  We love the story of Jason and the Argonauts, the Trojan War, the Twelve Labors of Hercules, the underground world of Hades and the many stories of Zeus.
    • Animal Kingdom: Bring the zoo to your school for a week!  We don't mean this literally of course, just figuratively.  How?  By choosing a different animal of species to focus on each day.  Get students to coordinate their outfits with the animal of the day, and you're ready for some animal-astic fun!  Try cats, bears, birds, safari animals and domestic animals as your categories.
    • Cartoons: You may not have watched Saturday Morning Cartoons since you were a kid, but it doesn't mean you don't still love the likes of Batman and Robin!  Bring these old favorites back to life for five days during a cartoon theme spirit week.  A few of our ideas?  The Jetsons, Superman, the Flintstones, Scooby Doo and Pokemon.
    • Movies: Whether you choose old movies or current movies, a spirit week "at the movies" will be a certain success!  Find old movie posters, stand-ups of stars or make collages from entertainment magazines to decorate your halls.  Have students dress up like their favorite stars and serve popcorn and Junior Mints to raise school spirits and sugar levels!
    • Under the Sea: An underwater theme for your spirit week will be a fun and festive way to spread some spirit!  Cover walls with blue flat paper, set up a bubble machine to set the mood, and bring in fish, waves and sand for an authentic look.  Choose a different body of ocean for each day, or select beach-inspired movies for a new spin.
    • Transportation: Modes of transportation may not seem like the most exciting theme for your spirit week, but consider the fun you can have.  Cars, trains, bicycles, planes, boats and more could all provide your décor and daily theme.  For fun, ask students to take a different mode of transportation to school each day.  Remember – feet count!
    • Military Action: Honor America's service men and women with a week dedicated to the armed forces. Focus on one division a day (Army, Navy, etc.) and decorate your school with armed forces colors (green/brown for army, blue/white for navy), official seals, American flags, and the name of the division you are honoring that day. Encourage the students to dress up in the appropriate colors and uniforms!