Scary Fun Halloween Office Party Ideas Guide

Picture this: it’s Halloween. Everyone at your office is in costume, ready to celebrate, and…that’s where you draw a blank. Don’t miss out on the chance for spooky fun and wacky costumes at work this year; let Shindigz nudge you in the right direction for a spooktacular end-of-October soiree with this step-by-step office Halloween party-planning guide.

Pick a Party Theme

It seems obvious that the theme should be Halloween related, but if you’re able to pick a bit more of a specific tone, planning the rest of the event will go much more smoothly. Will the Halloween office party be a wacky monster mash with silly costumes and adult spins on kids’ games? Or will it be a more sophisticated, scary affair with lots of black décor and fancy themed foods? Keep in mind that your party should be appropriate to your office culture. Narrow down you’re party theme first, and the rest will come.

Determine What You’re Working With

With some creativity, you can make your office Halloween rock on any budget, but it’s important to know just what you’re working with. Do you have a budget for a full-out candy buffet? Can you buy all-new décor, or will you be incorporating last-year’s spooky streamers? Set your budget, and then allocate it to décor, food and entertainment.

Decorate to Theme

Now that you know what your office party vibe is – and how much you can spend to achieve it – you can turn to our Halloween decorations to achieve your vision. If your theme is aimed at the funny side of the holiday, try adding a little customization to make your décor really special with decorations like tongue-in-cheek "tombstones" can add some levity when done right. If your theme is on the scarier side of the spectrum, some scary hanging decor will leave your workers feeling the chill (in an office-appropriate way).

Make a Menu

An office Halloween party is great opportunity to let everyone on staff show a little spirit, without having to put in too much commitment. One easy way for people to participate in your party is to make a general menu and have volunteers bring their food creations to share. The bonus to this plan? If everyone in the office contributes a small offering, you can stretch your party budget much further, while still ensuring a varied spread for everyone to enjoy. There is one thing to remember when planning your party food list though: be conscious that not everyone at the office will be looking for sugary candy and snacks. Have someone bring healthy, but still festive, food – think banana "ghosts" and orange "pumpkins".