Safari Birthday Party by Heather Bauer


Hi everyone! Heather here from The Caterpillar Years sharing an easy and visually stunning Safari Adventure Party!

Are you thinking about a jungle/safari theme for your next party? It is such a fun theme! All of those animal prints, textures, and colors create an exciting backdrop for your party. Here’s how I put together my recent safari adventure party using products from Shindigz.

Tip #1: Create Layers

Nothing adds interest better than layers of texture and color. For my snack table, I started with this burlap table cover, and then topped it with squares cut from this leopard print table cover. Finally, I topped everything off with diagonally placed jungle leaves.

Tip #2: Add Color and Texture

With a Safari Adventure party, all you have to do is look to nature for your color pallet. I stuck with browns and yellows, accented with orange and green.

I incorporated these colors through plastic cutlery (gold), paper straws and snacks (green grape "snake eggs", orange chocolate dipped pretzel "tiger tails", and zebra cakes).

Textures were brought in through zebra and giraffe print napkins and plates, as well as animal print balloons (tiger, zebra and leopard).

Tip #3: Personalize it!

The best way to get past that "bought it at a party store" look, is to add in unique personalized items to your party decor. I love how practical and beautiful the personalized party items are from Shindigz! I used giraffe water bottle labels, zebra bag toppers and turned plain white cups into a coordinated piece of the party with leopard stickers!

Tip #4: Make it interactive

My final tip is create a way for your party guests to interact with your party theme. This is especially important for kids parties!

At our safari adventure party, each guest was given a pith helmet and pair of binoculars to wear. It seems so simple, but these two party favors created magic for our littlest guests!

I hope you found these party tips useful! They apply to any party theme, but I’d love to see how you style your very own safari adventure party. Post your photos on Instagram and tag them with #shindigz for a chance to be featured!