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Royal Ball Princess Party Ideas

Once upon a time there were two little princesses who loved Rapunzel more than any other princess in the land. They dreamed of playing dress up with all their friends and having them over for a fancy party. So their mommy, the Queen of Parties, decided to host a royal ball.

Each princess invited two of their friends with the instructions to come dressed in their favorite princess best. It was a grand affair full of everything a princess could ask for. Guests arrived in a royal carriage and escorted to their own private tent draped in crystals with a porcelain white chandelier and guarded by two graceful swans.

One of the Rapunzels made a special request – to drink their Princess Punch from diamond encrusted goblets. Once everyone arrived, they were coronated and seated at their own private dining table to decorate their goblets with diamonds and crystals. Swan plates, gold silverware and a princess carriage on a bed of swan feathers for the centerpiece had all of them swooning over every dainty detail.

They were served the most delicious scones, muffins, fresh fruit and royal parfaits from their own mommy princess helpers. What a grand affair for these princesses – to be able to play dress up, not only with their closest of friends, but their mommies too.

After they dined, everyone went for a ride around the kingdom in the royal carriage looking for Prince Charming and stopping to admire the prettiest of pink castles. Prince Charming was nowhere to be found, but they did find a hidden vanity full of magical unicorn rings, princess wands and chocolate bars to take back to their own castle.

Once returned from the carriage ride, they ventured inside to the grand ballroom with its magical balloon garland and golden chandelier to dance the afternoon away. They twirled, curtsied and bestowed wishes atop of everyone’s head until the clock struck 12 o’clock noon.

It was the second Rapunzel’s wish to have gold fall from the sky, so the princess mommy helpers popped confetti poppers to make it rain gold. Once the confetti settled all the princesses were sent on their way to live happily ever after.