Kelly Jacob’s Roaring 20s Party is the Bees Knees!


When I was asked to throw a Roaring 20s Theme party for a friends birthday, I knew exactly where to start. Shindigz "dark brown brick paper" was perfect as the backdrop for my speak easy. Easy to put up I quickly had every wall covered of my friends basement. The paper is so realistic that people actually thought his basement was brick.

Adding to the allure of the brick wall was my "All That Jazz" Flapper Standee who comes with her own feather boa.

I used old wine crates and spray painted bottles to show that my speakeasy was well stocked. Shindigz "Dollar Bags" added to the motif with fake money spilling out the tops of the bags.

Dinner was served off a real wine barrel table and highlighted by Shindigz customized Speakeasy sign.

Candles, pearls and feather centerpieces added detail to the theme.

Guests were treated to a Champagne fountain. The tiered Chandelier gave the champagne more elegance.

An absolute "must have" and the crowd favorite was the "Mugshot Background with Personalized sign"

The black foil curtain separated "reality" from the 1920s as guests entered thru it to reach the speakeasy.

Guests were treated to handmade chocolate cigars and candy cigarettes.

"Wanted" photos of the birthday boy decorated the walls of the speakeasy, as well as quotes popular to the era.

And there’s no Roaring 20s without gambling. So a blackjack table was used as decor but later became an active part of the party.

The party guests were also treated to signature drinks, prizes for best dressed and a quiz on "How well do you know the birthday boy?" My Roaring 20s party was complete using the amazing and realistic decor from Shindigz and some personal touches of my own.