7 Reasons to Order a Custom Cutout

Custom cutouts are fun, unique additions to any party. If you’re intrigued by the idea but aren’t sure which events warrant an accessory this big, here are just 7 of the hundreds of excuses to place an order.

    1. Custom cutouts standees are perfect for your graduation party. Upload a picture of your grad all dressed up in his or her cap and gown with a diploma in hand for a grad party decoration.
    2. If you’re throwing a theme party for your child, order a standee to match. If it’s a princess party, create standees of your little one wearing all her favorite princess dresses. For a mad scientist party, pull out the lab coat and beakers and order a standee of your favorite mini-scientist! Other kids will have a blast taking pictures with these life-sized versions of their friends.
    3. If you’re throwing a birthday party for a friend, a life-sized standee can be a silly or a heartfelt addition. If you have a funny-face photo of a friend who likes to laugh at him or herself, get it printed out for everybody to see! If you’re aiming for a more sentimental party accessory, upload a great shot of your friend flashing a big smile.
    4. A customized cutout standee makes for a fun birthday present. Is your best girlfriend obsessed with The Office and would love to have a life-size version of her favorite TV star in her house? Same. Just make sure the pic isn’t copyrighted, and you’re good to go.
    5. Did you know that we can include more than one person in our standees? Upload a starry-eyed shot of your favorite lovebirds for an engagement party.
    6. For a baby shower, get life-size standees made from different stages of the pregnancy. The mom-to-be will have a blast posing with herself along the last few months as the baby has grown and the big day has gotten closer.
    7. Got a big game coming up? Get cutouts made of the starting lineup for an extra burst of encouragement from the sidelines.

And that’s not all! Standees are a great idea for any celebration. If you have an event in mind but need help selecting the perfect picture to use, check out our tips for selecting the ideal image for your life-size standee or big head.