Queen of Hearts Adult Birthday by Brittany Schwaigert


I often get clients coming to me looking for fun ideas to celebrate 40th birthday parties. It is one of those milestone birthdays that deserves a big party! Over the years, I have done casino themes, and even superhero themes for 40th birthdays. But, I love the idea of celebrating the special woman in your life with a Queen of Hearts party by making her feel like she is the queen of your hearts!

Many little girls grow up loving Alice in Wonderland and this theme is an extension of that. I, personally, always loved the eccentric Queen of Hearts and her lovely garden of boxwoods and roses. So, I played on that theme by picking up on some of those details in my party design.

I started my party by using green floral sheeting on my backdrop to mimic the boxwood shrubs. I added a large heart that I cut from cardboard. I hot glued playing cards to the heart for a big impact backdrop design. For the tablecloth, I layered several different options. I started with a basic black cloth, topped with a casino themed plastic tablecloth. Then, I added a runner of red floral sheeting on the top to reference the roses.

My cake was a simple white layered cake, which I topped with playing cards and roses. To give the cake some extra detail, I added these plastic crowns, which come in silver and gold. Two of them velcroed together fit around my cake perfectly! Underneath the cake, I added some fun shots of my favorite cocktail, the Dirty Shirley! It’s a Shirley Temple with Vodka. These fun mini martini glasses were the perfect serving of a shot of this fun drink. I added a playing card underneath each glass.

I also added some fun sweets options like these adorable playing card cookies by Creating Awesomenessity, displayed on a bed of heart candy, and strawberry shortcake cupcakes, displayed on these fun rose themed cupcake stands. I topped the cupcakes with tiny playing card cupcake picks. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a fun addition to an adult party! I displayed mine on fun paper straws, to resemble roses. I also had these fun rose topiaries, which I "painted red" just like the Queen of Hearts wants! I also surrounded each topiary with more of the plastic crowns. I made these rice krispie treats into yummy "paintbrushes" using red candy melts and wooden sticks.

On each side of the table, I used some really fun themed items! I love these fun felted casino centerpieces! They are really tall and fun for this theme! Then, I had to add the queen’s flamingos in the form of these cardboard standups, protecting her table.

The guests took home these personalized decks of playing cards to remember this "40th UnBirthday!" for a long time to come! And, no one lost their head!

Vendors: Cookies: Creating Awesomenessity