Prom Color Ideas: Choosing the Right Theme

Date? Confirmed. Venue? Booked. Colors? Chosen. Theme? Um…...

No worries. We understand that Prom themes can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of possibilities to choose from, like the classic starlit night or an original carnival. Lucky for you, once you decide on your dance colors, it becomes extremely easy to pick your theme.

Here are some of the most popular prom color schemes and theme combos.

Black: Make a Power Prom

Black is one of the most popular colors we see in today’s proms. It represents power and strength. It also pairs with almost any color perfectly. Depending on the color that you pair with black, it will drastically change the feel and available themes for your prom.

If you pair black with a bright metallic, like gold, you get a glamorous impression that goes well with themes related to glitz and glam, like Hollywood or Springtime in Paris. For a more sophisticated and regal look, you can pair black with silver. Black with a touch of silver is perfect for the Silver Rush or Diamond themes.

To create a classic romantic look, you can add a third color to your black and gold/ silver pairing. Red is a staple color that’s often added as an accent color, complementing our Masquerade and Casino themes.

Jewel Tones: Use a Touch of Magic

Combining jewel tones can create a sense of whimsy and wonder. A special focus on blues and greens will transport your guests to a world of magic. They represent a more natural and elegant themes which makes them perfect for the Under the Sea or Wizard of Oz themes.

If you want to add an intensity to your color scheme, you can add deep purples, blues and golds. The ambiance will change completely, making it more reminiscent of royalty. This is a common color scheme for an Arabian theme.

Neon: Let the Colors Pop!

Take your color scheme to the extreme with bright neons and soft pastels. Both create fun and energetic looks. Delight your guests by adding bold features and unique designs. The loud color presence creates the perfect ambiance for themes like Hasbro Game Night or a Glow Party.

Adding pastels will take the color to the other extreme. With a softer approach, this color scheme creates a fun vintage feel to your prom. Their faded, fairytale hues are perfect for executing a 1950s or Candy Land theme.

There’s an endless sea of theme choices. If you’ve got your colors chosen, then you can find a theme that fits them perfectly. Check out all our themes and discover the endless possibilities you have to make your event absolutely spectacular.