Decorating With Pomps

Pomps made of tissue paper and other materials are the best decorations for parade floats. Just bunch up the squares and poke through the chicken wire to create colorful and dimensional displays, spelling out school names, logos, or pictures. In art displays and bulletin boards, the tissue squares can be crumpled and used as decoration. Try making a spring-themed display by incorporating pink and white pomps as cherry blossoms! They can also be used to stuff small gift bags. The tissue squares are flame-resistant, bleed-proof, and available in 15 different colors.

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We offer 5. 5 inch pomp squares in every color of the rainbow. In packages of 100 or 300, they are cost-efficient and will cover about 4 square feet of space. Our Assorted Pomps Tissue Squares are offered in packages of 300 for a great low price. This package includes a wide variety of colors at a low price. If you know you'll need a lot of different colors, this is the best deal for your money. We also offer basic colors in poly vinyl for a more sturdy display, perfectly suited for all your float decoration ideas.

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