Planning the Ultimate Princess Party


You’ve already figured out that it’s going to take more than a little "bibbidi bobbidi boo" to pull off the "pumpkin turned carriage" trick, though it is possible to present her with Cinderella slippers as she wakes on birthday morning.

And it’s also possible to celebrate her special day with the ultimate princess birthday party. Here are some tips for planning a princess party filled with memories she’ll smile at for years.

Create a Magical Kingdom

Where would your princess prefer to reign? In a fairytale castle? Among the Knights of the Roundtable? It’s easy to bring any of those venues to your backyard or family room with strategic use of a backdrop or two.

Even if you don’t have room for a major element, you can create a grand royal buffet in any home. Solid-color table coverings are inexpensive, and tulle is about the cheapest decorating fabric there is. Gather the tulle to create a table skirt, intertwine twinkling lights, and your food table is finished. Create a castle cake in her favorite colors and you’ll have a feast fit for royalty.

The Games Princesses Play

Many classic games can be rebranded with a princess theme, particularly for younger children. They’ll immediately understand that "princess, princess, princess, queen" is the same as "duck, duck, duck, goose." Likewise, "Simon Says" can easily become "Fairy Godmother Says."

Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, create a cutout of a royal stead and supply crepe-paper streamers. Or play "kiss the frog" or "pin the crown on the princess."

Finish the fun with a royal dress-up relay to let the ladies burn off some energy before or after cake.

Dressing the Part

What’s a princess party without tiaras, scepters and jewels? Make every guest feel like a member of the royal family by having enough on hand to crown ever little princess as she walks through the door. Bonus points if you can find a local music student willing to trumpet her arrival.

If you’re even slightly crafty, it’s easy to make tutus for each guest, too. No sewing’s involved, and, again, tulle is super cheap.

Not Just Sweets for the Sweet

While cake is a given, sometimes it takes more to sustain a busy princess on her special day. Fruit kabobs, with or without dip, are a fabulous supplement that tricks them into consuming a little nutrition. A cheese tray with slices cut into star shapes is a healthful addition, too. Cap it off with sparkling cider served in plastic champagne glasses. Share this:


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