Pirate Birthday Party Ideas & Games


Sail away to seven seas worth of fantastic pirate fun with creative pirate-themed birthday party ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages.

A Pirate’s Life for the Party

Pillage your mind for creative ideas to create a pirate wonderland for a birthday party. Before the party even starts, draw or buy a set of treasure map invitations to guide your guests to the adventure of your party. For décor, use classic pirate-theme motifs like eye patches, skulls and swords, and treasure to evoke a swashbuckling feel with décor. Colors like black, white, red, and gold are perfect for decorating and can be brought into the décor with tableware, balloons, and streamers.

Adding an element of dress up to a pirate-themed birthday party can really help kids to get into the swashbuckling spirit. Go all-out with a treasure trove of full party costumes, or give each guest a few key pieces—think an eye patch, a pirate hat, and a few plastic toy swords or hooks—that they can wear to play at the party and then take home as unique and memorable pirate party favors.

Ahoy! Pirate-Themed Activities

Playing pirate makes for plenty of themed games ideal for a birthday party for kids. Group games like capture the flag, scavenger style "treasure" hunts, and an obstacle course complete with a plank to walk allow all party goers to get in on the action at once.

Or, for less-physical party activities, plan pirate-themed craft projects like making and decorating play swords out of cardboard, coloring treasure maps of your neighborhood, or making cute parrot friends by gluing colorful feathers on to a pre-made cardboard figure.

A Pirate’s Bounty (of Party Food)

Desserts at a pirate birthday party are an obvious opportunity to shine. Design a classic birthday cake to look like a treasure chest overflowing with gold, or give out faux-gold coins that are actually chocolate treats. Or, for a healthy and totally unique dessert, create a watermelon pirate ship: simply slice a watermelon in half and carve it out. Fill the "boat" half with an assortment of kid-friendly fruits and berries and use wooden skewers to create sails and masts.

Get creative and mix and match as many sea-worthy elements as you like to create a totally arrrrr-some pirate theme birthday party.


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