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Party Like a Pineapple Birthday Party

Did you know that pineapples have long been a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and friendship? Historically people placed fresh pineapples outside their homes as an invitation that all are welcome inside. All the more reason to be happy that pineapple theme parties are a trend that is still going strong this season! I love seeing fun and fruity pineapples paired with gold accents, lush greens, and beautiful tropical flowers in the Shindigz Party Like a Pineapple collection.

Coordinated party pieces such as the personalized Party Like a Pineapple chocolate barsand gum tinsmake great favors for guests. (Extra tip, the tins of mints or gum could be placed in a basket in the bathroom for guests who may like to freshen up).

I customized the "Party Time" gold foil banner to fit our pineapple theme by only using the pineapple fruit pennants included in the fruit garland kit. The pink, white and green honeycomb tissue balls under the table are an inexpensive and easy way to dress up a party. They can be hung from the ceiling or placed strategically around the room.

I ordered an 11" glittery gold pineapple cake topper on Etsy and made the cake myself using white and green frosting with candyfetti in our party colors from Sweets Indeed around the bottom of the cake.

The Party Like a Pineapple photo backdrop was the perfect size to use as the dessert table backdrop.

Since the collection features a lot of gold accents, these gold modern glass centerpieces were perfect for the party. They can be filled with favors, candles, flowers, or even pineapple tops!

The green foil party napkins are my absolute favorite little pineapple detail of the whole party. Small touches like that make such an impact.

Every celebration should have a signature drink. It's an easy and fun way to continue a party theme right into the menu. Our signature drink for the party was a Pineapple Moscow Mule. Grab your Moscow Mule mug and head over to Craft That Party for the full recipe!