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Outdoor Halloween Decor Idea


The Verville Household is Halloween ready thanks to some fun goodies from Shindigz! We had a blast decorating the exterior of our home, which becomes increasingly more fun the older our littles become. For the first few Halloweens, we stuck with little kid friendly, happy images. But, with our oldest turning 6, skeletons have become "cool" now in our home. So, I wanted to share a few tips for creating a spooky Halloween look for your home’s exterior, while still having a sense of humor in the design.

The first tip I have when planning your home’s exterior Halloween décor is to focus on the property’s features. For example, we have a large elevated entrance point to our front porch with pre-existing hooks from the top, down the sides that we use for Christmas garland. So, we decided on a large corner spider web to hang from and across the hooks and then added this airblown spider with glowing red eyes for a 3D effect.

In our neighborhood, literally every house displays some sort of Halloween inflatable, so we have jumped onto the bandwagon! Not only did we add this giant spooky spider across our front archway, but we placed this scary airblown tree to the left of our home’s walkway.

The second feature we decided to highlight was our double front door. One of our favorite Halloween decorations this season are these personalized wooden boards that we used as if our home was "boarded up".

The second tip to share would be to decorate the current items on your porch with "spooky" elements. We have two potted topiaries sitting to either side of our front porch bench displayed year round. To make them more Halloween ready, we added these fun loose skeleton bones around the base of the plant. Super simple decoration idea and while subtle, packs a frightful effect for those coming to our front door.

The third tip would be to use items in unexpected ways. For example, instead of hanging holiday wreaths from our two lanterns, we hung these fun skeletons. We also placed some skeleton rats around our porch near some of our other potted plants, as if they were "scurrying around".

And our final tip would be to add in a sense of humor to your décor. While we went the scarier route this year with some of our exterior home décor, we still wanted to find a way to make houseguests smile. So, our skeleton friend was propped up on our porch bench holding his pet skeleton dog’s leash.

We hope that some of these tips will prove useful as you decorate your own home this holiday season! Happy Halloween!