Bachelorette Party Ideas

A night of bar hopping isn’t her style, but a weekend getaway isn’t in your budget. So what to do for a fun bachelorette? Here are a few bachelorette party ideas you haven’t considered yet.

Take Her Out To The Ballgame

If your favorite bride-to-be is a sports nut, head to a game. The budget-minded can begin with refreshments at the home. Use a sports theme to get in the spirit at the tailgate.

Cowgirl Up

If she’s wild about horses but hasn’t been riding in years, schedule some time at the stable. Afterward, treat her to an authentic wild west barbecue.

Explore the Culinary Arts

Host a Vintage Cooking Shower, where everyone can leave fed and full of new ideas. Ask co-hosts to demonstrate a dish or gather ingredients for a "Top Chef" style competition. Favors such as a heart-shaped cheese board makes a wonderful memento.

Get Together To Do Good

Some brides-to-be aren’t comfortable being celebrated, but they’ll love getting together to serve others. Invite her closest friends to help with her favorite cause. Work on a Habitat for Humanity house or visit a women’s shelter and leave goody bags for the kids.

Training Time

Is she a gym rat who’s never been able to splurge on a trainer? Book a session for her and some of her fitness fanatic friends. Personalized water bottles are a fantastic, and necessary, touch.

Death by Chocolate

This is a bachelorette party for serious chocoholics only, but it doesn’t have to be just desserts. There are an amazing number of entrees that include chocolate, too. A chocolate lollipop or candy bar are obvious favors.

Slumber Party

Put on your jammies and giggle like girls all night long. Binge-watch chick flicks. Eat sweet treats until you never want to see another cookie again. Magic Eight Balls are a must for this event.

Where Ever You Run Out of Gas

Don’t bother to plan. Just get in the car and go! Let the guest of honor pick a compass point and keep driving until the tank is empty or have her flip a coin at every intersection. Fill goody bags with personalized travel mugs, car chargers, key chains and more to commemorate the trip.