Nontraditional Baby Shower Ideas for the Modern Mom

While most people love a party, not everyone loves a baby shower. This particularly applies for a mom-to-be already touchy about her expanding shape who does not want a bunch of women speculating about her girth as part of a game.

But a baby shower can be more than that potentially embarrassing game. Here are nine nontraditional baby shower ideas we love – one for each month.

A Star is Born

Roll out the red carpet at a baby shower with a Hollywood theme. Use tickets for invitations and stars for the decor.

Monsters Inc

This one is for moms-to-be with a sense of humor about their coming bundle of joy. It’s a fantastic theme for October showers. In addition to the usual Halloween decor, borrow friends’ dolls and dress them as mummies, vampires, and witches.

Welcome Home, Baby

If mom is adamant about not knowing the baby’s gender but doesn’t want a bunch of yellow and green gear, hold the shower after the baby’s arrival. Use patriotic decorations to welcome the new troop.

Don’t Forget Dads

In an era when many fathers walk the floors with colicky newborns, it just makes sense for the baby shower to include both genders, too. Plan a barbeque or a picnic that friends of both parents will enjoy.

Going Green

Many times a mom-to-be finds extra motivation to protect the Earth now that she has an investment in the future generation. Throw her a green shower with decorations in natural, woodsy tones. Request eco-friendly gifts and or gently used gear if mom is committed to non-consumption.

A Baby Sprinkle

It’s a lighter shower, and it’s the perfect event for second or third babies. Have an ice cream buffet for refreshments – with plenty of sprinkles.

Keep Calm – You’re A Mom

The "keep calm" theme is trendy as well as practical. Ask guests to be ready with their babyhood horror stores – not to scare the mom-to-be- to death, but to let her know that unexpected and zany things will happen, and she will adapt.

The Book Club

Tell party guests to show up with, not presents, but ideas about books that changed their lives. The selections can range from books for parents to read to baby to outstanding parenting books.


The virtual baby shower lets far-flung friends and family celebrate, too. Your hashtag could trend and you’ll wind up with great ideas from around the world. Make sure guests take selfies and post to Instagram, then preserve the results in a cyber baby book. And include your hashtag in your decor, too.