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6 New Year’s Eve Party Themes, Let the At-Home Countdown Begin!

...6!....Times Square

There won’t be any large crowds gathering in New York this year, so why not bring New York to you? Create the experience of being in Times Square and watching the ball drop right in your own home! Set up props like a taxi standee, hot dog stand, and street signs. Don’t forget the skyline or the Statue of Liberty! After you are done bringing in the new year, take a scroll on Broadway or hop on the subway. Use a disco ball balloon or glass mirror ball and countdown with your homemade ball drop. There are endless ways to bring NYC to your living room. Get the experience of traveling to the big apple for New Year’s Eve without leaving your home.

...5!... Glow Party

Nothing is more exciting for kids on New Year’s Eve than getting to stay up late! Embrace the night and have a glow themed New Year’s Eve bash. Decorate the room with glowing decorations like glow star balloons, lighted cubes, and mirror disco light ball string lights. Add a blacklight and make neon decorations like neon vinyl backgrounds and banners come to life. Hand out glowing favors so everyone can shine brighter than the anticipation of the new year. Start with traditional favors that you can wear like party hats, glow necklaces and glow beads. Then make everything beam brighter with fun favors like glow in the dark sunglasses, LED tumblers and personalized glow hand sanitizer!

...4!... Movie Night

Lights, camera, Happy New Year! Turn your New Year’s Eve celebration into a family movie night this year. Decorate your "cinema" with decorative filmstrip, movie set cutouts and director’s clapboard centerpieces. Welcome your family to the movie premiere with paparazzi and some spot lights at the entrance of your theater. What’s a movie night without popcorn? Decorate with popcorn balloons or a lifesize popcorn standee and then enjoy the salty snack in our decorative plastic containers that are part of our Hollywood swag bags. Have a little sweet with your salty and enjoy cupcakes with personalized movie night wrappers to end your night.

...3!... Game Night

While you are waiting with anticipation for the clock to strike midnight, have a Hasbro family game night. But not just any game night; turn your own home into a whimsical Candyland, a property in the game of Monopoly or one of the largest games of Twister! Everyone has been cooped up this year, so why not get the kids moving. Turn each room of the house into its own game. Set up Candyland characters in the kitchen, Monopoly game pieces in the bedroom, and a lifesize Operation board standee in the living room! Lead the family to each room with game walkways. They will be excited to see what’s next while following a trail of Monopoly money or Candyland icons. Everyone knows how to play these games already so this can be an easy and fun alternative to the traditional New Year’s Eve party. Plus, these games are nostalgic and will never go out of style. Later in the year, bring out these decorations again and have another game night with friends.

...2!... Grand Masquerade Ball

Bring a bit of elegance to the new year and have a grand masquerade ball. This theme gives the family an excuse to dress up in their fanciest dress or suit, look their best and have a classy dinner (even if pizza is being served!) First have your family choose their look because what is a masquerade ball without a mask? Shindigz has tons of options from traditional gold and black, to masks with feathers, to colorful metallic and more. Masks aren’t just for wearing, why not decorate with them? Choose from a selection of mask columns, mask standees or arches and photo props to turn your New Year’s Eve party into a sophisticated night. Continue to create your own elegant ball with beautiful chandelier lighting. Finally, set the table. Personalize a table top-it with a celebration message and fill masquerade centerpieces with fresh flowers or other artificial greenery.

...1!... The Roaring 20’s

Take your family back in time and embrace history with this New Year’s Eve theme. Dress the part in feather boas, fedora hats and pearl necklaces. Arrive in style and create a great photo op with a 1920’s car standee. Learn about the impact of jazz music during this special era and then get up and get dancing! Bring the band to your living room with a trombone player or bass player standee. Fill the dance floor safely by placing a flapper standee or silhouette cutouts around the room. There are plenty of gold and black supplies to decorate your speakeasy like banners, hanging fans, and danglers. To top off your roaring good night, make your own music at midnight with gold tassel celebration horns.

Happy New Year!