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Neverland Birthday Party

By Julie Verville | March 20, 2017

Let’s Never Grow Up!! The legend of Peter Pan is a classic story, appreciated by children and adults of all ages. We loved putting together this slant on a Neverland birthday party, pulling in several subtle references to the movie in the party’s décor.

We wanted to recreate iconic Peter Pan imagery in our design, so we created this simple DIY backdrop using greenery garlands, floor to ceiling green backdrop paper and a Peter Pan silhouette. First, adhere the paper to your chosen wall using tape that won’t damage the underlying paint. Next, attach strands of garland using clear tape to the green backdrop paper. And finally, center the silhouette and attach to the backdrop with tape.

To bring in more of a natural element, we chose a dark brown polyester tablecloth as the base of our color scheme. For dimension, we added this burlap table runner with white ruffles across the table. Front and center, we used a simple red cake adorned with Captain Hook’s pirate hook. Cupcakes were also offered to guests, dressed up in personalized pirate cupcake wrappers. We served dessert on simple white paper plates using napkins displayed to resemble Peter Pan’s iconic hat, layering emerald green napkins as the hat itself and red napkins as the ‘feather’.

To further dress up the dessert table, we added several fun pirate references, such as sprinkled gold coins, a pirate telescope, pirate sword, mini pirate treasure boxes and fun pirate parrot sitting atop of treasure. Incorporating décor items that can be later used by younger children as pretend play props or for dress-up is a great way to stretch a party’s budget and/or to act as birthday party gifts for the guest of honor.

For a bit of fun, and as a nod to the famous croc in the movie, we displayed a crocodile standee at the base of our table. This was a huge hit among party guests!

As a form of entertainment, and doubling as party favors, plastic pirate vests and pirate hats were available for everyone to get into character. As you can see, my son loved getting into character in his pirate gear!!

Party guests left with their fairy own ‘Pixie Dust’, bottled gold glitter in small sand art containers with personalized tags.

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