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Nerf Battle Zone Birthday Party Idea

Jenny Dixon | JUNE 27, 2017

Calling all Nerf fans, it’s time for an epic birthday battle! Grab your Nerf gear and head to the Nerf zone battlefield for a major blast of fun!

You will love the vibrant colors and bold patterns of this exclusive Nerf theme from Shindigz. This collection offers a huge selection of party supplies- from Nerf battle zone obstacle barriers, deflection covers, stacked barriers, personalized cups, plates, and photo backgrounds! Today I am sharing how we transformed our backyard into my son’s dream Nerf battle zone for his 11th birthday.

Let’s start with the dessert table. I layered the Nerf table background in front of the 7’ Nerf battle zone photo background to create the perfect backdrop for our 6’ dessert table. I then placed 3’ barrel obstacles as pillars on each side of the dessert table to add some extra height on either side.

On the dessert table, I used white wood boxes stacked on top of each other (to replicate the feel of the barriers out on our Nerf zone battlefield) to display the cupcakes topped with personalized cupcake picks and Nerf themed sugar cookies.

We had lots of drinks on hand to help the kids refuel and cool down. Gatorade bottles decked out with personalized water bottle labels are always a huge hit!

Let’s jump right into the games and activities! As kids arrived, they went through a "Nerf Inspection" to make sure their Nerf gear passed the requirements (no battery operated or large guns). Kids were divided into two teams and given black or green bandanas and safety glasses.

Target practice was first. Each team was timed to see how quickly they could knock down all the targets lined up on boxes. The next game was called the "Nerf Ball Challenge". Each team lined up across from each other with a beach ball placed directly in the middle between both teams. When we said go, each team had to shoot at the beach ball target. The first team to cross the beach ball over to the other team’s line wins!

Finally, the ultimate Nerf Zone Battle. This is what everyone was looking forward to the most. Set up for the Nerf battle was super easy. We placed the Nerf zone battle deflectors, barrels, boxes of nerf darts, and cardboard boxes (stacked barriers) throughout the yard and off they went. The battle was on! This might be one of the easiest parties we’ve ever thrown!

Party guests took home their team bandanas, safety glasses, and personalized favor boxes filled with personalized chocolate bars, mini water guns, and extra Nerf darts.

This Nerf party sure was a BLAST!!! Hope this helps inspire some ideas for your ultimate Nerf party!