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Mardi Gras Party Idea


Bring pieces of New Orleans to your home and celebrate Mardi Gras in style! You can easily transform your space with a Louisiana-inspired Rendezvous Building Set. Create a bold and festive party atmosphere by using colors of purple, green and gold!

Make an inviting table scape that will have your guests feeling festive. Start with a Purple Tablecloth and a sparkly Gold Sequin Table Runner then add decor so you’re ready to celebrate.

Gold chargers will help the Mardi Gras Mask Plates Add Gold Cutlery and Purple Polyester Napkins tied with some of the beaded necklaces.

Using fresh flowers as a centerpiece is an easy way to add color to any table. A Mardi Gras celebration wouldn't be complete without shimmering Beads, Toss Coins and pretty Mardi Gras Masks!

Music is a huge part of Mardi Gras in Louisiana, so I incorporated Gold Musical Instruments as part of the table scape.

King Cakes are a staple for every Mardi Gras celebration! I purchased a store-bought cinnamon roll cake and decorated it myself. You can also find an easy-to-follow recipe from our site, right here!

Serve your guests a mint-infused spritzer inside Hurricane Glasses! This refreshing sip pairs perfectly with a bowl of delicious sausage and shrimp gumbo.

Enjoy Mardi Gras with a fun celebration and create an event that your friends will love!