Kraft Paper Birthday Party by Heather Bauer


For my daughter’s seventh birthday, we hosted a cardboard box party! She loves to take trash and create new things out of it, so an entire party dedicated to using her imagination, and creating new things from old things with her friends, was perfect!

The party decorations were simple, and kept within our color pallet—kraft paper brown, chalkboard black, white, and pops of my daughter’s chosen colors—yellow, pink and blue. This kraft paper party pack was the perfect way to pull our party theme together.

I really LOVE how this white floral sheeting backdrop transformed our snack table into a bright, whimsical, focal point for the room.

(Kraft Paper Tissue Ball | Pink Tissue Pom | Blue Tissue Pom | Yellow Lantern)

The party ran from 10am -noon, so we kept the snacks light. We had snack mix in plastic cups, sliced apples with raspberries, popcorn in kraft paper bags, and a donut hole tree.

My daughter is lactose-intolerant, and generally doesn’t love sweets, so instead of traditional cake, she chose to have a donut cake! It was such a huge hit—the kids loved it!

The tables in the room were covered with a white table cloth, and a kraft paper runner. Crayons in these mini buckets topped the tables and provided a quiet place for kids who needed a break from cardboard box building.

Since the room we rented for the party was huge, I knew it could accommodate a fun cardboard standee, like this chalkboard one.

For the main party activity—building stuff out of cardboard—I collected boxes from neighbors, friends, and local businesses. The gigantic boxes were ordered from an office supply store. I made sure to have plenty of tape on hand, as well as crayons and chalk for decorating the creations.

The adults manned the box-knives, and made cuts as directed by the kids. We had some AWESOME creations!

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