Teen Birthday Party Ideas


Can you feel it? It smells like tween spirit!

The tween years are ones of exploration and fun, and they should be celebrated. Tween parties can be tricky to plan, however—tweens are too big for little kid birthday parties, but aren’t quite ready for more mature teen parties. Meet tweens in the middle with cool and exciting—but still tween-friendly—birthday party ideas for tween boys and girls.

Capture the Excitement of Nighttime

One easy idea for instantly adding a distinctly tween feel to an 11-to-13-year-old’s birthday party is to move the time frame from the afternoon to the nighttime. Whether this means a sleepover party or just an early evening affair, inviting tweens over after dark offers many opportunities for a glowing good time for tweens.

Glow in the Dark Details

Turn up the lights on a tween party with cool glow in the dark details. When the sun sets or the lights go down, you can transform any space into a whole new land with some creative glowing details. Give each guest a colored glow bracelet and glow glasses for an out of the ordinary thrill (that also makes it easy to see where everyone is even in dimmed light or in the backyard or sports field at night), and serve cake with unique glow in the dark forks.

Sleepover Games

Tweenage parties are a great time to start having overnight sleepover parties for birthday celebrations. Groups of tween boys or tween girls will enjoy the extra, big-kid treat of staying up all night with friends, but all within the safety and security of a family home environment. Sleepovers for tweens are an excellent place to make use of glow party accessories. While tweens can almost always come up with lots to talk about at sleepovers, you can ensure a good night with friends by having some ice breaker and talk enhancer activities on hand. One low cost option that’s guaranteed to get them talking? A DIY toss and talk ball can add some fun and inclusiveness to a tween party, while also gently nudging the conversation in certain apropos (but tween approved!) subject areas.

With a little planning and consideration of the uniqueness of tween years, a tween party can be a smash.