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Hula Honey Birthday Party Idea

Julie Verville | JULY 5, 2017

Hawaiian theme parties are popular throughout the year, but they are definitely a perfect summer birthday party theme for kids and adults alike.

When creating the design for this Hawaiian birthday party theme, we wanted to incorporate all of the bright colors associated with Hawaii along with fun, fresh luau elements. Our backdrop was creating using a pink paper roll for a foundation attached to the wall using tape, along with a variety of tissue paper fans (bright pink, teal and white) and honeycomb decorative balls which covered the backdrop in its entirety. To adhere the decorative fans and honeycomb balls to the wall or paper foundation backdrop, we recommend using 3D glue dots which are sturdy, yet easy to remove following your event.

As guests entered into the party space, they were greeted with a fun "Let’s Luau" yard sign, a hula girl standee and scattered kraft honeycomb balls to resemble coconuts.

For fun, and to incorporate the hula element into the party, we displayed an oversized hula girl standee in front of our dessert table. And to balance visually along with incorporating traditional hibiscus flowers, we added a bright pink flower standee to the other side.

To bring in a fresh element to the table’s display, we layered tropical leaves as a runner down the center of the white tablecloth. Our birthday cake was simple, yet bright starting with a white buttercream base, then the addition of cascading hibiscus flowers down the front. Store bought cupcakes were dressed up with personalized cupcake wrappers and hibiscus ring toppers.

Desserts were served on Hibiscus paper plates alongside pink beverage napkins and "Aloha Party Punch" in a carafe embellished with personalized Hula Honey stickers and served in personalized paper cups.

Doubling as décor and a fun birthday present for the birthday girl, we displayed a ukulele on the dessert table. Also adding color and doubling as party favors were tropical leaf leis and pink leis displayed on a necklace form.

Maholo for looking through our Hawaiian party photos and we hope you find some Aloho spirit for your next Hawaiian theme event.