How to Throw a Proper Tea Party


Delicate sandwiches, slender slices of cakes and tender scones – the menu for a tea party couldn’t be easier. If you have china, dust it off. If not, scour thrift stores for tableware. Even the BBC approves, and is there really a more knowledgeable source than the British for tea party advice?

The great thing about a tea party – aside from its oh-so affordable budget – is that the theme works for a range of events, from a bridal shower to a girl’s birthday party. It’s a touch of elegance and calm that’s too often missing from today’s rushed world.

So, want to know how to throw a tea party without stressing yourself into a tizzy? Read on!

Elegance from the Start

Tell your guests that you’re planning something out of the ordinary with an elegantly worded invitation that sets the tone for your tea party. It’s easy to create a custom card that perfectly captures the style and spirit of your party, whether it’s a white-gloves affair or elegant yet casual.

Setting a Proper Table

For a formal tea party, you definitely need a real tablecloth. Rich decorating fabrics such as taffeta are fantastic for draping tables and chairs, and the cost per-table is far less than you’d imagine when you buy the material by the bolt. Fresh flowers make great centerpieces, as do candles and silk flowers displayed in an elegant birdcage.

The utensils for a tea party place setting can get complicated, though you can get away with only a stirring spoon for the tea and a small fork for the pastries. Cloth napkins are a must. Position them to the left of a luncheon-size plate or fold and place atop the plate.

For a less-formal tea party, focus your creative efforts on the food table. Serve sweets and savories from cake plates or tiered dishes placed atop a solid color table covering. A cupcake stand makes a colorful centerpiece for a children’s tea party. Swaths of tulle draped behind the table add finishing polish. Tulle poms suspended from the ceiling work wonderfully, too, and they’re easy and inexpensive to make. Use coordinating color tableware to complete the buffet service.

Tea is the Key

For a casual tea party, simply have a supply of hot water and an assortment of tea bags – think of it as a wine tasting for the caffeinated set. For a more formal affair, serve the tea from a ceramic pot. It cuts down on guests’ flexibility but adds to the elegance.


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