How to Make Fun Halloween Props at Home

It doesn’t take the skill or the budget of a Hollywood special effects team to make great Halloween props. All it takes is a little time, some inexpensive supplies and a few tools.

Here are a few fantastic projects that most anyone can tackle.

Creepy Cauldron

A large barrel – the designer says the project is easier if you find one with the top already removed – some plywood, paint and a few tools are all you need to create a life-size cauldron. Enhance the authenticity with dry ice smoke or buy a fog machine that’s easier and safer.

A Host of Ghosts

A ghost is one of the easiest, most fitting Halloween decorations this side of the jack-o-lantern.

Use a foam ball, bailing wire, cheesecloth and fabric stiffener to create a ghost that floats from a tree. Indoors, balloon ghosts made with cheesecloth are a quick and simple decoration. The trick works for creating Dementors, too. Balloons are super-cheap, too, making this an inexpensive and fast way to get your party room ready.

Classic Scarecrows

All you need for a traditional scarecrow is a stick or rake handle, some type of fastener, stuffing materials and a trip to the thrift store for clothing.

If you live in a dry climate, paper works fine for filling out the form. Otherwise, use more weather-resistant materials such as hay, leaves or wood chips.

Pressed for time? You can skip the frame and position the scarecrow in a lawn chair or on a hay bail. Have everyone create a scarecrow self-portrait to get the whole family involved.

The Zombie Apocalypse

It’s real, and it’s really here – at least for a few weeks in October. Create a great zombie apocalypse scene with washable red paint and your own two hands.

Leave prints all over the windows, doors and porch to warn others of what could happen within. The kids will love getting involved in this one, and it probably won’t be hard to convince them to leave footprints, too.

Add a lawn zombie for a memorable touch. Scatter tattered, singed "remains" of clothing to represent the remnants of victims.

The Skeleton Crew

This is another easy, yet effective way to create a display out of your entire home. Cheap plastic skeletons, hot glue, screws and the occasional support is all you need to make it appear as if your house is under attack. Add scattered bones throughout to show what happened to those who didn’t make it.