How to Make a Fabulous Photo Booth In 5 Steps

Photo Booths add so much to an event…so why not make one yourself?

For many people, adding a photo booth is a fun way to ensure that you actually get pictures of all of your guests. For the average parent hosting a birthday party, it’s a nice way to take "one more thing" off your plate. Don’t worry about running around with a camera, frantically capturing photos, let your guests want to get their pictures taken by adding unique and fun props, backgrounds and more!

Read on for a step-by-step checklist and inspiration for your own photo booth.

#1 Backgrounds and Large Props

Backgrounds are a crucial part of any photo booth, so here are some tips and inspiration for making yours stand out.

When planning a photo booth, we feel that the more unique, the better it is! That’s why we love what Heather did with the Kraft Paper Party. The Chalkboard Background was perfect for this event and made a great setting for creating memories!

Another alternative for photo booth personalization is to add a Personalized Banner to a different background, like foil curtains.

Looking to keep things simple? The Megaloons are another fun way to mark a milestone, plus they look awesome with Floral Sheeting.

#2 Camera or Photographer

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely something to think through!

While some party planners may choose to hire a professional photographer to come man the photo booth for a few hours, we love that many of our customers choose to just place a Selfie Stick out and let people take their own photos! If you add a hashtag to your photo booth background, then everyone can use the hashtag to share their photos with each other!

#3 Memorable Props

These are what draw everyone to the photo booth and inspire all the funny faces!

Laura Aguirre used these Star Wars Photo Booth Props at her Star Wars Party on top of a Black Stardust Paper background to create this sweet party memory!

#4 Lighting

This is something that you definitely want to think through! When choosing a place for your photo booth, make sure it’s well-lit from the front so that everyone’s faces will be lit up. If the party is during the day, just placing it in a room that has a window and good natural light should do the trick!

Adding some festive Mason Jar String Lights, or any other Party Lights that fit your theme should help you to get all the light that you need.

#5 Funny Faces

Get all your guests together and try to capture candid shots of everyone interacting, these are the ones you’ll want to frame and keep forever!

The Abracadabra Party by Laura Aguirre featured plenty of funny faces!

We hope you enjoyed our favorite photo booth ideas! Be sure to share your own with us on our other social media platforms!

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