Halloween Home Decoration Ideas by Brittany Schwaigert

What’s your favorite holiday? I love the season of fall where you have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas right in a row! It makes decorating your house so fun! Halloween is one holiday where I never really decorated the outside of my house. I wasn’t ever sure exactly what I wanted to do! There is a neighborhood near mine that really goes all out for Halloween and I was always so jealous.

But this year, Shindigz helped me make MY house the best Halloween house in the neighborhood!

I wanted to make my house scary, but also trick-or-treater friendly! We have a lot of younger kids in our neighborhood, so I didn’t want to make it too gory or bloody. So, I thought spiders were the best way to go. Spiders are just scary enough! The outside of my house has manicured ivy up the front. I knew this would be a great place to put some big spiders crawling up and down the front of the house!

I started with spider webs. I took several packages of cobwebs and stretched them all over our ivy. The ivy was the perfect thing to hold on to the cobwebs. It really catches the webs! I also put some of the webbing on top of some of the boxwood shrubs as well. The funny part was that when my husband and I were putting up all these webs, we actually ran across several real spiders webs in the ivy! So, I guess my giant spiders will be right at home!

I used several different types of spiders for our infestation. I started with these Large Gray Spiders and I wired their legs right into the branches of the ivy to make it appear that they were crawling down their webs on either side of the house. Over the doorway, I used a Light Up Long Hair Spider. He looks super creepy at night with his red eyes. And to make my doorway extra scary I had him spinning a Light up Larvae Skull. This skull also has light up eyes!

Over the large window above the door, we hung a GIANT posable spider. He is over 8 feet long! We also wired him right into the ivy and I had him spinning another one of these awesome light up larvae skulls. It looks so scary at night when this giant spider is ominously hanging a larvae skull over the door on top of your head!

On the front step, I installed this Animated Up and Down Ghost. He is SO cool and the neighborhood kids had a blast playing with him! He is motion controlled and when you move in front of him, he lights up from the inside and rises and falls. He also plays spooky Halloween music and levitates up and down. The kids LOVE him!

And for our final touch I HAD to have this life sized Pose and Hold Skeleton. He is so fun and he will hold any pose that you want to put him into. I wanted to have him look like he was crawling up the side of the house. How scary right? We also wired him onto the ivy with some simple floral wire and posed him to look like he was scaling the house. He is my favorite part. My 5 year old even gave him the nickname "Skeleton Rob." Don’t ask me where he came up with that!

I love how creepy all these things look at night with the fun colored lighting!

You’ve got to check out all the fun Halloween Supplies that Shindigz has right now! There are so many fun things to choose from! Your house will be the scariest on the block!