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DIY Graduation Photo Booth idea

BY Shindigz | MARCH 16, 2018

After spending so much energy getting ready for your pride and joy’s graduation party, you want to capture every moment. You deserve to enjoy the party instead of trying to capture every fun moment, so try making a Photo Booth instead. Your guests can take the pictures for you and have fun doing it.

The first thing you need to do is get supplies. The best part? has everything you will need so you don’t have to trek around to multiple stores. Feel free to pick and choose from the products we used or browse around to find your own decorating garlands and tissue balls.

First, staple the Boxwood Panel to the DIY Photo Booth Backdrop.Here we use 8 panels to cover the entire backdrop. There will be some overhang. This can easily be covered by the balloon garland. Staple 5 panels vertically along the top. Place two horizontally on the bottom corner. Cut down the last piece to fill the remaining space. There are many different ways you can arrange the panels on the board, so take some liberty with what you think will look best for your Photo Booth.

Next, blow up your balloons to many different sizes. You can use as many different shades as you want. The garland we made has 6 different shades: 4 shades of purple, 1 of white, and gold as an accent. We can't stress enough how much you can take this into your own hands. One of the great things about these DIY Photo Booths is that they are so much fun to create. So put on your thinking cap (ours is a party hat), and make this Photo Booth as unique as you are!

1. To make the Balloon Garland, you will need to string the balloons together. To do this, measure how long you need your garland to be.

2. Once you've done this, cut your Monoline to the measured length.

3. Tie two balloons together.

4. Place the balloons on the Monoline and wrap around once to secure.

5. Repeat until completed!

After you are finished, attach it to your backdrop. The best thing about Balloon Garland is it can really go anywhere. If you don’t want to do your own backdrop, you can attach the Balloon Garland to a wall for a similar effect. Lay it in front of a table then attach it up along the side. Hang it like bunting along a banister. The places Balloon Garland looks amazing are unlimited!

Spruce up your Photo Booth even more by adding some Tassel Garland and Tissue Balls like we did.

The best way to make your Photo Booth special for your grad is to personalize it. Here are some tips on how to personalize your Photo Booth:

String up the year, a name, or a special message using Megaloon Junior Balloons.

Attach a Personalized Photo Banner like this.

Include Custom Standees or Fan Faces as props to pose with.

As a final touch, leave a note for your guests to use a certain hashtag like #BaileysGradParty2018 when they post their favorite photos. When the day is all through, you can look back and see how much fun everyone had at your awesome party!