Who doesn’t love going to the county fair every year? I remember going every summer as a kid and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. All the games, prizes, and yummy food – you just can’t go wrong! This theme has been on my radar for an upcoming birthday party idea. I joined forces with both Shindigz and my friend Desiree to tackle her twins’ 7th birthday party to celebrate with some good family fun.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating with us for our One Day Only event, so at the last possible moment we decided to move things inside. Eventually the rain stopped, and we were able to get outside and install our welcoming committee right before the guests arrived. It consisted of two life-size standees of the birthday boy and girl with a George County Fair yard sign. To create the life-size standees, I took the twins photo as they stood pretending to hold something. I uploaded the images to Shindigz.com and they did the rest! Once we received the standees, we attached a small balloon arrangement and a corn dog into each of their hands. It was the perfect welcoming and all the guests loved them!

I really wanted to create a vintage fair vibe, so I used a wide range of colors with galvanized accents. I loved the FAIR marquee light letters and cow-print accents sprinkled throughout the party. All these décor pieces mixed with lots of vintage wood pieces and haybales gave it the perfect small-town fair style I was looking for.

Since it was a joint birthday party, we split the boys and girls up and let the boys eat first. We served up traditional fair foods like corn dogs, pretzels, popcorn and a farmer’s market spread of veggies. I added a special touch to the food display by using a tabletop-sized standee of the birthday girl and adding a speech bubble that said, "Eat Ur Veggies" – it was so cute! For drinks we served up good old-fashioned lip-puckering lemonade.

While the boys ate, the girls were able to make their way through all the games which consisted of an awesome ring toss stand, plus tin can, bean bag and fish bowl toss games. There was a lot of tossing going on! When everyone was done eating and playing, we switched to let the boys play and girls eat.

Mason Jar Carnival Party Cheers
Carnival Birthday Party Snack Bags
Fruits and Veggies at County Fair Birthday Party

For the desserts, I really wanted everything to be homemade as if each tasty treat was being entered into a bake sale at the fair. That’s where Desiree really stepped up. She made both cakes, all the cupcakes, pie pops, cookies and a Dutch apple pie. More haybales, a Ferris wheel cupcake display, and aluminum cans wrapped in coordinating scrapbook paper brought it all together. What I love so much about this theme is that décor can be mixed and matched – the more mismatched the better in my opinion! I picked out some ticket rolls from Shindigz and used them as décor accents throughout the display. I wrapped them around the cans, stuffed them inside glass jars and wrapped them around some Styrofoam layering pieces. The delicious apple pie won the blue-ribbon prize while the cakes both got honorable mentions. It was a very successful bake sale!

Carnival Birthday Cupcake Picks
County Fair Birthday Cake Pennant Banner
Carnival Cookie Party Favors
Carnival Cupcake Ferris Wheel Stand
County Fair Cotton Candy Birthday Party Treat
County Fair Birthday Party Cupcake

We couldn’t send the kids home without prizes after playing all those games. We had a "Pick A Prize" station which featured another sweet tabletop standee. I used an old pallet I had lying around and drilled a few screws into it to hang some galvanized buckets. The buckets were filled with crinkle shred and a whole mix of assorted prizes. I filled the buckets with candy, yoyos, kazoos, slinkies, cotton candy and more. They each got their own bag to stuff full of whatever prizes they wanted before the fair packed up and moved on to the next county!

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