Galaxy Rebellion Birthday Party by Jenny Dixon


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

There was an epic 8th birthday party celebrated for a young Jedi. The Jedi requested that all his Jedi friends gather together for an evening of Star Wars games, scavenger hunts, and birthday treats.

The dessert table was inspired by this large and fabulous Galaxy Rebellion Personalized Table Background. I had the backdrop personalized with the beginning of the Star Wars crawl, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…" instead of attaching the personalized sign to the top of the backdrop as shown, I chose to place it in the center of the table. This really made a dramatic focal point for the cake to be displayed behind. I also placed light up light sabers on each end of the table and hung these red and black dot garlands on the front of the table.

Desserts were very simple. I made most of the desserts myself (except for the birthday cake). The sweets menu included Darth Vader cupcakes, Millennium Falcon chocolate covered Oreos, light saber chocolate covered pretzels, and birthday cake. I used silicone molds I found online to create Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader chocolates. To make the light sabers, I dipped pretzel rods in red and blue melted chocolate. So easy to make and are very tasty!

I often use wood boxes and toy bins I already own to display desserts on the dessert table. For this party, I placed the light saber pretzels on top of a Lucite tray that I normally keep in my bathroom. I placed a light saber toy inside the tray to look as if it was on display underneath.

I filled my metal utensil holder with Star Wars napkins, black and white paper straws, and red plastic utensils and added a personalized Galaxy Rebellion sticker to the front.

The kids loved drinking Rebel Water! This was very easy to create by attaching personalized waterproof water bottle labels to small water bottles.

This Yoda Soda punch was a huge hit with kids and adults. To make Yoda soda, mix equal parts of Sprite with Green Hawaiian Punch. Add lime sherbet on top right before serving.

Our parties always include lots of fun activities. First, the kids went on an asteroid hunt. I wrapped small prizes and candy in aluminum foil and hid the asteroids around the house.

The next game was the light saber balloon challenge. Our Young Jedi had to use a light saber to keep their balloon in the air. When the balloon hits the ground, the Jedi is out and must sit down. The last Jedi standing wins.

The light sabers were a fun DIY project. I have done this before using pool noodles, but for this party we used LED color change foam sticks! The birthday boy loves to craft and had fun designing the light sabers by wrapping silver duck tape around the sticks, then embellishing with black electrical tape and red duck tape (for buttons).

The red and blue Star Wars Episode VII balloons were perfect for this challenge.

Our Jedi guests took home personalized Galaxy Rebellion favor boxes filled with Star Wars blow outs, punch balloons, red gumballs in personalized favor bags, a Star Wars mask, and light saber.

My Star Wars obsessed son loved his birthday party. I really enjoyed mixing traditional Star Wars party items with the Galaxy Rebellion personalized items. We even found ways to DIY the party with desserts and party favors. Our Jedi once again saved the galaxy and had fun while doing so!