Fundraising Ideas

We understand how difficult fundraising can be. Our large selection of unique personalized products will help make your fundraiser is a success. Check out these new and unique fundraising ideas to make your fundraiser planning a breeze!

  • At The Game

    Setting up a concession or spirit stand at games is the perfect fundraising opportunity. It also helps initiate school spirit for game night. Here are some ideas for fundraising through concessions.

    Munch and Cheer: Fill our capped cheerphones with popcorn and sell them at your concession stands.

    Sip and Save: Sell personalized mugs at the beginning of the season and offer free refills throughout the season.

    Fan Essentials: Poms are not only a cheer essential—they’re economical and make a great fundraiser. Set up a booth and sell school colored poms at your sporting events.

    Keep Fans Warm and Dry: Add your school name to gloves, hats, umbrellas and fleece blankets. Give a free pom or other spirit item with every purchase.

    Glow Items: Sell glow items like necklaces, bracelets or even Lighted Poms before the game. Turn out the lights during team introductions and have fans turn up the glow!

    Mark Your Spirit: Temporary tattoos are perfect for sparking school spirit. Our fun, inexpensive tattoos are easily applied and come in a huge variety of designs.

    Soft Seats: Sell advertising space on the back of our comfy Stadium Cushions! Sell the seat cushions at games for fans who want a softer seat. Your local businesses can foot the bill while your school reaps the benefits.

    Poncho Power: No one likes to get caught in the rain at the big game, so be prepared! Sell Disposable Rain Ponchos before and during games. Fans will be thankful for the poncho, and you'll raise money in the process.

    Best Seat in the House: First, find a sofa to use. Then, raffle off tickets for a student and two friends to win the best seat in the house. Tickets are sold throughout the week prior to a game. Before a volleyball, basketball, or football game, announce the winner. The winner gets to sit on the sofa with two of his or her friends. Make sure the sofa is in an ideal spot to view the game. For halftime, order pizza and sodas for the winner and guests.

    Community Involvement

    Local businesses will love the opportunity to support their schools while receiving affordable and unique advertising. It’s a win-win situation for all!

    Advertisement Banners: Sell banners to local businesses as advertisements along your football field, baseball diamond, or soccer field fencing. Our vinyl banners can be used indoors and outdoors, so they can be used for multiple seasons.

    Say Cheese: Hire a photographer for a day of family portraits. Advertise to the students and the surrounding community. Many photography studios have special fundraising packages which give your customers low rates, and your squad nice profits!

    Collection Cans: Easy cash! Simply request permission to place collection cans in several stores in your school's area. Decorate the cans in school colors with your school name and collect the cash every week!

    Everybody Loves Pizza: Check with local merchants and see if they will be willing to donate pizzas or give you a special discount on some of their scrumptious pies. Sell slices to hungry students at snack time, offer it at games, or have an all-school pizza luncheon. Either way, it's a delicious way to make some money!

    Fundraising Guide

    Make your fundraising efforts really pay off this year! We have some great ideas on how to get the most participation and money from your events, sales, and activities. The more organized you are, the more money you can make!
    1. Schedule your fundraising activities well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to advertise and prepare for the events.
    2. At least 2 weeks before your event, post flyers around school and give one to each student.
    3. Send flyers home to each parent through the mail.
    4. For some of your fundraisers, hold contests between students. Award the top ten students who either sell the most or get the most people to attend the fundraising event.
    5. Get sponsors from the community. In exchange for their help in promoting your events, you can include your sponsors’ names or logos on new fliers.
    6. Make a deal with your local newspaper or radio station to help you promote your fundraising efforts. In exchange, hang their banners in your school at big sporting events!
    7. Ask local restaurants or stores if you can post your fundraising flyers in their establishment.
    8. Contact local grocery stores. Have them help you advertise your events in ad flyers or at their check-out lines.
    9. Make fundraising announcements at each home game and hand out flyers at the front gate.
    10. Keep a chart at the school entrance tracking the money earned versus your goal. Or, make announcements during school telling students how much money you have raised to date.

    At School

    At-School fundraisers are great for giving your group a bit of PR, plus, it will encourage student spirit and unity. Remember to always check with an administrator when organizing any in-school event.

    Breath of Fresh Air: Sell personalized Mint Tins that fit in the students back pockets. This idea is great right before a big homecoming dance or Prom.

    Show your Appreciation: Organize a Teacher, Coach, or Advisor Appreciation Week. Sell students personalized travel mugs or other gifts that will be delivered to their favorite teacher or coach.

    Athlete Appreciation Week: Organize an Athlete Appreciation Week. Sell students buttons, magnets or glow items that they can send to their favorite athlete along with special messages. This is a perfect fundraiser to hold during Spirit Week.

    Gourmet Coffee Morning: The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee could mean big dollars for you! Organize a gourmet coffee morning and greet students, faculty and staff with a steaming cup of Joe. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve it up in a special spirit mug. You can also offer the option to purchase a portable coffee mug to be used for a discount on future coffee mornings!

    Sweets Sale: Sweeten the school day with candy! When holidays roll around, decorate bags with the holiday theme, fill with festive candy, and sell to students. Prepare order forms for students who wish to order candy for a special friend and provide tags for their personal message.

    Flower-Grams: Carnations are an ideal way for students, staff, and parents to show their affection for that special someone, while supporting your school! Attach little note cards to each stem for their messages.

    A Jewel of a Sale: String some beads and make some money! Design anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings with beads in your school colors. Sell them at lunch time and game time!

    Sunrise Doughnuts: There's nothing more satisfying than an early morning doughnut, so take advantage of this and sell them to hungry students and teachers! Those who skipped breakfast won't mind paying a little more for this sweet treat, and you'll earn lots of dollars in the process!

    Class Color Day: Ask members of each class to deck themselves out in their class colors for the day. Raise money by selling poms, bandanas, and T-shirts to match each class color. Your campus will explode in a rainbow of colors!

    Pajama Day: Students pay $.50 to $1.00 on a designated day to wear their pajamas to school. All you need is someone to go the classrooms and collect the money. Consider having a contest for the ugliest, weirdest, etc. pajamas.