Fun & Easy Halloween Party Games for Adults

Super Bowl aside, Halloween is the most popular party day of the year for adults. It’s a chance to be whomever you want for one evening, whether it’s depicting a super hero or living out a fantasy.

And what’s a great party without great games that keep the fun going all night long? Here are five favorites sure to scare up frightfully good fun.

Movie Mayhem

It started with the original "Bob Newhart Show" and has extended to everything including presidential debates. So why not make a drinking game part of your Halloween party, too?

Pick a movie and pick key words or actions. Whenever a character screams, everyone drinks. If someone gets shot, partygoers all take shots. Screen the movie ahead of time for additional ideas.

Black Cat Got Your Tongue?

This forbidden-word game can easily last the duration of the party. Announce a banned word or phrase at the beginning of the night and give guests bags of candy when they arrive. Every time one guest catches another saying the forbidden word, a piece of candy is forfeited. Give out a grand prize at the end of the evening to the guest who has the most goodies.

A Game of Clue

The great thing about a party based on the Clue board game is that it can scale as small or as large as you want. Invite a few friends over to play the game, or set up an interactive version in the various rooms of your house.

Ask co-hosts to improvise all night long, acting as suspects in the different locations. It’s a great opportunity for a progressive meal, too. Serve appetizers in one room, entrees in another. Or plan lighter fare and tie snacks to the character. Col. Mustard’s menu is obvious. For Miss Scarlet, focus the offerings on foods hot in temperature or spice.

Have guests compete to solve the mystery as they munch their way through the "mansion."

Apple Bobbing and Other Classics

Sometimes good old-fashioned fun appeals to adults, too. Set up an apple-bobbing station at your party – fill the bucket with alcoholic punch instead of water if it’s a party-hearty crowd.

A costume party never goes out of style either. Award inexpensive trophies to winners or buy a grander model that the winner will bring back to next year’s party and present to the new champion.

Halloween Fear Factor

This game is not for the faint of stomach. Set up stations and challenge guests to sample indelicate delicacies such as grasshoppers, pig’s feet or tongue. Play Fear Factor in teams to give the squeamish a chance to participate, too, or limit the contest to only those who dare while everyone else enjoys watching the outrageousness.