Fun Frozen Themed Birthday Treats & Snacks

The Frozen tableware and decorations are ordered and the invitations have been sent. But what to serve the young guests at your child’s Frozen birthday party?

Frozen-themed cupcakes are as easy as adding rings on top of the frosting. Display them on a Frozen cupcake stand and your birthday party centerpiece is complete.

And with a little blue food coloring, virtually anything can be a Frozen party treat. Rice Krispie treats, cake pops, cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels are among the possibilities. Add coarse blue or silver sugar and snowflake-shaped cake sprinkles to dress up the confection.

It’s not much harder, though, to take your Frozen party snacks to the next level with creative but deceptively simple ideas. Here are six of our favorites – we had planned on only a Top Five, but we just couldn’t let it go.

Melted Olaf

Poor guy. That warm hug didn’t work out so well for him. While Melted Olaf might not be appropriate for toddlers, older kids will get a kick out of this Greek yogurt treat. It’s relatively healthful, too! Serve it in a personalized glass the guests can take home afterward.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Olaf fares a little better in this treat, which also doubles as a party activity or favor. Give guests marshmallows, both regular and miniature, chocolate chips, stick pretzels and candy corn and let them build their own snowman.

Snowballs Even in the Summer

Let every guest enjoy snowballs without having to battle. Most any popcorn ball or kettle corn recipe will do. Simply add snowflake sprinkles and blue and white candies. These make great Frozen favors, too.

Instant Icy Ambiance

There’s something about the craggy edges and glistening facets of rock candy that immediately remind you of Elsa’s castle. Blue and white rock candy sticks make yummy decor. Arrange them in slender glasses or vases and use the containers to flank the cake on your food table.

Jello Ice Castle Cubes

Easy to make and fun to nibble, this Frozen variation of Jello jigglers won’t melt no matter how long the party lasts. The recipe is so simple that when the kids clamor for more after the party, you’ll quickly say "yes."

Frozen Popsicles

Yes, we know. All popsicles are frozen. But these chilly treats have a distinctive blue hue and cotton-candy flavor. They’re perfect for a summer party. Serving them instead of ice cream saves on utensils and tableware, too.